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The Abruzzo regional election of 2008 took place on 14–15 December 2008, due to the early resignation of President Ottaviano Del Turco, after his indictment for alleged corruption.[1][2] The election was to take place on 30 November–1 December, but was postponed because of legal issues over the ammission of the list of For the Common Good.[3]

The candidate of The People of Freedom (PdL) was Gianni Chiodi, a former mayor of Teramo.[4] The PdL rejected any alliance with the Union of the Centre (UDC) and The Right in order to strengthen its goal of becoming a majority force free from the blackmails of small "old politics" parties.[5]

On the centre-left, local and national leaders of Democratic Party (PD) tried to produce a joint candidate with Italy of Values (IdV) and UDC, but IdV said that an alliance with the PD was possible only if the PD would have supported their own candidate, Carlo Constantini. IdV was even tempted by running a solitary campaign: Abruzzo was in fact a stronghold for the party, whose leader Antonio Di Pietro came from neighbouring Molise. However, in late October, the PD agreed to support Costantini at the head of a large centre-left coalition, comprising also the Communist Refoundation Party (PRC), the Party of Italian Communists (PdCI), the Federation of the Greens and the Socialist Party (PS).[6]

The PD tried to woo also the UDC in the centre-left coalition, but the UDC refused any alliance with populist IdV and decided to run its own candidate, Rodolfo De Laurentiis.[7] Teodoro Buontempo was the candidate of The Right.[8]

On election day Gianni Chiodi defeated Carlo Costantini. The election was a major defeat for the PD, while IdV had a very good result, despite the poor showing of its candidate, who won less votes than its supporting parties.


Candidates & parties votes votes (%) seats
reg. list
prov. lists
Gianni Chiodi 295,371 48.81 8 19
The People of Freedom 190,919 35.19 15
Raise Abruzzo! (Future Abruzzo–DCLDPRI) 40,256 7.42 3
Movement for Autonomy 18,040 3.32 1
Liberal Socialists 7,753 1.43 0
Carlo Costantini 258,199 42.67 1 15
Democratic Party 106,410 19.61 7
Italy of Values 81,557 15.03 5
Communist Refoundation Party 15,435 2.84 1
Federation of the GreensDemocratic Left 12,054 2.22 1
Party of Italian Communists 9,955 1.83 1
Socialist Party 9,387 1.73 -
Democrats for Abruzzo 7,507 1.38 -
Rodolfo De Laurentiis 32,604 5.39 - 2
Union of the CentreUDEUR 30,452 5.61 2
Teodoro Buontempo 11,514 1.90 - -
The Right 9,597 1.77 0
Ilaria Del Biondo 6,625 0.76 - -
Workers' Communist Party 2,018 0.37 0
Angelo Di Prospero 2,791 0.46 - -
For the Common Good 1,237 0.23 0
Total 605,104 100.00 9 36

Source: Ministry of the Interior


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