Abdelkrim Ghallab

Abdelkrim Ghallab

Abdelkrim Ghallab (born December 31, 1919 in Fes) is a Moroccan political journalist, cultural commentator, and novelist. He is an important figure both in the literary and political field (editor of the Istiqlal Party daily al-Alam). He studied both at the University of Al-Karaouine in Fez and at the University of Cairo, where he took his M.A. in Arabic literature. He is the author of five novels and three collections of short stories. His best known novel is Dafann al-m'd (The buried Past), 1966. According to Simon Gikandi his Arabic style is known for its "graceful and at times scholarly classicism".[1]

In 2000, the Union of Arab writers in Egypt included his novel Al-Mu`alîm `Ali (Master Alí) among the hundred best Arabic novels in history. In 2001, the Moroccan department of Culture published the complete works of Ghallab in five volumes. In 2004 he was awarded the Maghreb Culture prize of Tunis. His work has been translated in many languages.[2]


The first volume includes: Mât qarîr al-'ayn (I will die comforted, 1965); al-Sudd ; al-Ard: h:abibatî (my beloved earth, 1971); Waajradja-hâ min al-djanna (la sacó of paradise, 1971); Hâdhâ al-wadjh a'rifu-hâ (Conozco ese rostro, 1971).

The second volume is about the auto-biographical novel and includes: Sab'a abwâb (seven doors, 1984); Sifr al-takwîn (Génesis, 1996) and al-Shayjűja al-z:âlima (La injusta vejez, 1999).

The third volume, (novels) includes: Dafannâ al-mâd:î (The past is buried, 1966) and al-Mu' allim ' Alî (Ali the teacher).

The fourth volume includes: S:abâh:.. wa-yazh:af al-layl (For tomorrow...and the face of the night, 1984).

The fifth volume includes: Wa-'âda al-zawraq ilá al-nab (la barca volvió à la fuente, 1989) and Shurűh: fî l-marâyâ (Comentarios en el espejo, 1994).


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