Abd El Aziz Mohamed Hegazi

Abd El Aziz Mohamed Hegazi (also known as Abdulaziz Hijazi) (Arabic: عبد العزيز محمد حجازي, IPA: [ʕæbdelˈʕæziːz mæˈħæmmæd ħeˈɡæːzi]; 2 January 1923 – 22 December 2014) was the Prime Minister of Egypt during the presidency of Anwar Sadat.[1]


Hegazy received his PhD in commerce from the University of Birmingham in 1951. He was lecturer and later professor at the Cairo University and became Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at the Ain Shams University in 1966.

Hegazy served as Minister of the Treasury 1968 to 1972, and Minister of Finance and Foreign Trade 1973 to 1974.[2] He was prime minister from 25 September 1974 to 16 April 1975.[3] He was the head of the General Federation of Civil Society Groups.[4]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Anwar Sadat
Prime Minister of Egypt
Succeeded by
Mamdouh Mohamed Salem
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