DVD Cover
Directed by Krishna Rao
Produced by Modern Theatres
Written by V. N. Sambantham
Screenplay by V. N. Sambantham
Starring S. G. Eshwar
G. Varalakshmi
Kaka Radhakrishnan
T. P. Muthulakshmi
Music by G. Ramanathan
Cinematography G. R. Nathan
Edited by L. Balu
Distributed by Modern Theatres
Release dates
22 October 1957
Running time
155 Mins
Country India
Language Tamil

Aaravalli is 1957 Tamil Fantasy Action film was directed by Krishna Rao and produced by Modern Theatres. The film script written by V. N. Sambantham. Music by G. Ramanathan assets to the movie. The film starring G. Varalakshmi (played title role), S. Mohana, S. G. Eshwar, Mynavathi and Kaka Radhakrishnan played lead role to protogonist with A. Karunanidhi, T. P. Muthulakshmi, M. S. Draupadi and V. Gopalakrishnan.[1][2][3]


Aaravalli is a women-oriented story. Aaravalli is the name of Queen who rules on Men. The story is set in the kingdom of Nellurupattinam of which the title character Aaravalli (G. Varalakshmi) and her sister Sooravalli (S. Mohana) are disputed rulers. The story in fact refers to seven sisters, but the reins of control were in the hands of these two women Aravalli and Sooravalli, who are described as magician. Bheema offers to conquer them. But Bheema (Thirupathisamy) faces defeat at the hands of these two women, who utterly humiliate him and send to prison. But he escape from prison.

Then, Sooravalli visits Indraprasta and she complains to King Dharma (K. Nadarajan) for his brother Bheema and Dharma send back his brother for nelluru pattinam. The astrologer skill Sahadevan to formulated a master plan against the two cunning women. The plan is their nephew Alli muthu (S. G. Eswar) the son of their Sister Sangavathy (M. S. Draupadi), for the specific purpose of taking challenged posed sisters on behalf Pandavas. So, Alli Muthu and his companion named as Arayathi (Kaka Radhakrishnan) arrival to Nelluru Pattinam Kingdom. After long travel, their spent few hours for rest and Vainsh hungry and thirsty. Alli Muthu was got some rarity herbal nearby the water pond and their kept at it.

Finally, their come to Nelluru pattinam and meets the magician's Queens and her posed three challenge to him. And alli Muthu accepts three challenges. alli Muthu meets Aaravalli's daughter alangaravalli (Mynavathi) at palace his impressed with her. Alangavalli and Alli Muthu fall in love. Then Alli Muthu faced three challenges and victory end of this challenge to help of dominate queen daughter Alangaravalli. As a sign of their submission the two queens offers their daughter alangaravalli in married to victory.

The newly wedded couple and Arayathi arrives to Indraprasta Kingdom. The pair make their way into forest where the bride in her innocence follows the instruction of her mother and gives poisoned sweets to her husband. after first intoxicating his sense with the fragrance of poisoned bouquet. she ask help to Arayathi and his discovers the defeat of her husband lies dead. Arayathi rescues to save his companion life, so he arrives to Indraprasta and alangaram was rejected him. She curse her wicked mother and Aaravalli agrees all truth. Then, Sahadevan formulated plan to Discuss with Abimanyu (V. Gopalakrishnan) and Arayathi, Alli Muthu life not end. So, Sahadevan wants which type of poison used to kill Alli Muthu.

Abimanyu and Aryathi get help to Singaravalli (T. P. Muthulakshmi), and her told to secret, the poison named as Karkotan. Their, find the snake. Meantime, Aaravalli hear it news, so she was look like women saint and beg to Dharma to gives some food. Dharma arranged for lunch to her, but she sees Alli Muthu's dead body and angered saint was way out the house. Then, she was forced to burn Alli Muthu's dead body. King dharma arranged for ritual event and kept fire to alli muthu bodies. Fortunately, Abhimanyu reaches the correct time and saves Alli Muthu's life and curse his defeat. Then alli Muthu capture Nelluru Pattinam Kingdom. and The two queens and his wife was arrested.

Their standing front King Dharma and his trial this case. But the two queens are rejected the case. So, King Dharma gives punish to Alli Muthu. Then Alangavalli agreed all crime. King Dharma gives judgement to her and Aaravalli. Alangaram head was cut and her mother was catch Alangaram's. The Alangaram was requesting to King Dharma, her head was cutting with her husband hands and her mother stops the punishment and approved Alli Muthu defeat death. Then Alli muth reunite his wife.




Soundtrack album by G. Ramanathan
Released 1957
Recorded 1957
Genre Sareegama
Language Tamil
Producer G. Ramanathan

Music composed by G. Ramanathan and lyrics written by A. Maruthakasi, Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram and Villiputhan.[5][6] The playback singers consist of G. Ramanathan, C. S. Jayaraman, A. M. Rajah, Thiruchi Loganathan, Seerkazhi Govindarajan, T. M. Soundararajan, Jikki, T. V. Rathinam, K. Jamuna Rani and A. G. Ratnamala.

No Song Singer Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 Aaravalli Sooravalli G. Ramanathan 2:58
2 Chinna Kutty Nathana Thiruchi Loganathan 2:05
3 Uyirodu Poradum C. S. Jayaraman 2:56
4 Velli Anname Vaarayo Thiruchi Loganathan
5 Thudikkum Yauvanam Jikki 4:27
6 Thirumbi Paaru Thambi Seerkazhi Govindarajan & Thiruchi Loganathan 2:11
7 Anbe Enthan Munnale A. M. Rajah & Jikki 3:22
8 Chinna Pennana Pothile A. M. Rajah Jikki 2:29
9 Maanamellam Ponna Pinne Thiruchi Loganathan & T. M. Soundararajan 2:11
10 Pengalai Pazhipaavar Yaar T. V. Rathinam
11 Sengamma Idhu Angamma A .G. Rathinamala, Seerkazhi Govindarajan & Thiruchi Loganathan 3:13
12 Ila Meesai Ulla Ambalai T. V. Rathinam & K. Jamuna Rani 3:29
13 Kumalam Pottathellam (F) T. V. Rathinam & A. G. Ratnamala 3:12
14 Kummalam Pottathellam (M) Seerkazhi Govindarajan & Thiruchi Loganathan 3:11
15 Pazhakkamillatha Kazhuthaikitta Thiruchi Loganathan 2:19
16 Maanjal Poosi Varum Seerkazhi Govindarajan & Thiruchi Loganathan 3:07
17 Adivarum Thendralada Seerkazhi Govindarajan 2:58
18 Aambala Un Mel 2:45


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