A Sangre Fría

A sangre fría
Directed by Daniel Tinayre
Produced by Juan J. Guthmann
Written by Luis Saslavsky
Starring Tito Alonso, Lopez Lagar Amelia Bence
Music by Helena Cortesina
Cinematography Alberto Etchebehere
Edited by Jorge Gárate
Release dates
Running time
95 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

A sangre fría (English language: In Cold Blood) is a 1947 Argentine murder thriller film directed by Daniel Tinayre and written by Luis Saslavsky.[1]


Amelia Bence portrays a vulnerable ageing aunt

Amelia Bence portrays a wealthy but weak and vulnerable old lady, mistreated by evil nephew Lopez Lagar. Enlisting the aid of Bence's evil unfaithful serving girl, Lagar poisons his elderly aunt, hoping to secure her substantial fortune without being accused of murder. But the villain and his confederate are foiled in their plans in the nick of time.



Amelia Bence's evil nephew (Lopez Lagar) (left) attempts to murder her to inherit her fortune in this 1947 thriller from Argentina

The film was released on 5 September 1962.

The Argentine Academy of Cinematography Arts and Sciences gave the Best Actress award to Amelia Bence and the Best individual production award to Luis Saslavsky for this film.[2]


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