A Salzburg Comedy

A Salzburg Comedy
Directed by Hans Deppe
Produced by Eberhard Schmidt
Hans Schönmetzler
Written by Erich Kästner
Starring Willy Fritsch
Hertha Feiler
Heinz Salfner
Hilde Sessak
Music by Ludwig Schmidseder
Cinematography Kurt Schulz
Edited by Conrad von Molo
Distributed by Deutsche Filmvertriebs
Release dates
  • 22 April 1943 (1943-04-22)
Running time
83 minutes
Country Nazi Germany
Language German

A Salzburg Comedy or Little Border Traffic (German:Der kleine Grenzverkehr) is a 1943 German comedy film directed by Hans Deppe and starring Willy Fritsch, Hertha Feiler and Heinz Salfner. [1] Erich Kästner wrote the screenplay based on one of his own novels. As he had been blacklisted by the Nazi Party he used the pseudonym Berhold Bürger. The novel was again adapted for the 1957 film Salzburg Stories. Although it was set in Austria, the film was not made by the Vienna-based Wien-Film which had been set up following the Anchluss of 1938. Instead it was produced by the dominant German studio UFA.



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