A Day for a Miracle

A Day for a Miracle
Directed by Andreas Prochaska
Produced by Sam Davis, Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion
Klaus Graf, Graf Film
Screenplay by Christoph Silber, Thorsten Wettcke
Starring Ken Duken
Julia Koschitz
Juergen Maurer
Gerti Drassl
Gerhard Liebmann
Sara Wogatai
Bernhard Schir
Erwin Steinhauer
Music by Matthias Weber
Cinematography Thomas Kienast
Edited by Daniel Prochaska
Release dates
Running time
89 minutes
Country Germany, Austria
Language German

A Day for a Miracle (original title: Das Wunder von Kärnten) is a TV movie, directed by Andreas Prochaska in 2011 and produced by Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion and Graf Film for public German TV channel ZDF and Austrian ORF. The film is based on real events, telling the story of a three-year-old girl from Austria, who fell into the lake behind her parents' house in 1998, and had been under water for 30 minutes when she was found. Nobody believed she had a chance at survival when the young cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Markus Thalmann takes up the seemingly hopeless fight for the young girl's life. His rescue has written medical history.[1] The screenplay was written by Christoph Silber and Thorsten Wettcke.[2][3]


Dr. Markus Höchstmann, a young and ambitious cardiovascular surgeon and ultra marathon runner from Vienna, has landed his first job in a clinic in Klagenfurt, province of Carinthia. As his wife and son are still living in Vienna, he needs to commute to the capital every chance he gets to see them. His colleagues have little sympathy for him when he is asked to fill in for the chief of surgery on the weekend of his son's birthday to perform a standard procedure on an important local politician. This is when an emergency is flown in: a four-year-old girl has drowned, her body is lifeless and cold, her heart is not beating. After 30 minutes under water, the damage to her brain is considered too extensive to try to resuscitate her. Höchstmann disagrees. Against the opinions of his more experienced colleagues and against all odds, he decides to fight for the little girl's life and performs a medical miracle.[4]





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