Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Serbia

The Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Serbia (Serbian: Антифашистичка скупштина народног ослобођења Србије/Antifašistička skupština narodnog oslobođenja Srbije), abbreviated as ASNOS (АСНОС), was formed as the governing organ of the anti-fascist movement in the Axis occupation Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia during World War II. It was part of the Yugoslav Resistance movement.

The president of ASNOS was Siniša Stanković.

It developed to be communist bearer of the Socialist Republic of Serbia.


Role Official Party
President Siniša Stanković KPJ
Vice President Aleksandar Ranković KPJ
Vice President Stanoje Simić KPJ
Vice President Radovan Grujić KPJ
Secretary Petar Stambolić KPJ
Secretary Milorad Vlajković KPJ
Member Spasenija Babović KPJ
Member Milan Belovuković KPJ
Member Milan Bošković KPJ
Member Stanislav Bošković KPJ
Member Životije Cvetković KPJ
Member Vojislav Dulić KPJ
Member Života Đermanović KPJ
Member Mihailo Đurović KPJ
Member Živko Jovanović KPJ
Member Radivoje Jovanović KPJ
Member Svetozar Krstić KPJ
Member Milovan Krdžić KPJ
Member Moma Marković KPJ
Member Dobrica Matković Independent
Member Milosav Milosavljević KPJ
Member Mitra Mitrović KPJ
Member Petar Mudrinić KPJ
Member Blagoje Nešković KPJ
Member Živojin Nikolić KPJ
Member Slobodan Penezić KPJ
Member Milivoje Perović KPJ
Member Moša Pijade KPJ
Member Koča Popović KPJ
Member Milentije Popović KPJ
Member Vladislav Ribnikar KPJ
Member Pavle Savić KPJ
Member Milan Smiljanić KPJ
Member Mita Stanisavljević KPJ
Member Luka Stojanović KPJ
Member Mihajlo Švabić KPJ
Member Mijalko Todorović KPJ
Member Radomir Todorović KPJ
Member Sreten Žujović KPJ
Member Vlada Zečević KPJ

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