A.C.D. Trissino-Valdagno

Full name Associazione Calcio Dilettantistica Trissino-Valdagno
Founded 2012
Dissolved 2014
Ground Stadio dei Fiori,
Valdagno, Italy
Ground Capacity 6,000
2013–14 Serie D/C, 9th

Associazione Calcio Dilettantistica Trissino-Valdagno was an Italian football club based in Trissino and Valdagno, Veneto. It played in Italy's Serie D.



The club was founded in 2012 after the merger between A.C.D. Trissino and A.C Nuova Valdagno.[1][2]

The club was dissolved in 2014 after the merger with S.S.D. Calcio Marano, founding F.C.D. Altovicentino.

Before the merger


A.C. Trissino was founded in 1924,[3] later changing its name to A.C.D. Trissino, with this name in the season 2011-12 won Eccellenza Veneto/A and so was promoted to Serie D.[4]

Nuova Valdagno

Dopolavoro Aziendale Marzotto (DAM) Valdagno was founded in 1926, later changing its name to A.C. Marzotto (after the Marzotto firm, owner of the team at the time) and with this name spent 10 seasons in Serie B. The club was later renamed A.C. Valdagno.

The side was refounded as A.C. Nuova Valdagno in 1998. In its last season, the team won Promozione and was promoted to Eccellenza Veneto. In summer 2012 it sold its sports title of Eccellenza to club A.S.D. Nuovo Calcio Grancona that was consequently renamed A.S.D. Boca Ascesa Val Liona.

Colors and badge

The team's colors were white, red and light blue.


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