99 Posse

99 posse
Origin Naples, Italy
Genres hip hop, reggae
Years active 1991–2005
2009 - ...
Website etichetta
Past members Luca "'O Zulù" Persico
Marco "Kaya Pezz8" Messina
Massimo "JRM" Jovine
Sacha Ricci
Claudio "Clark Kent" Marino

99 Posse is an Italian hip hop/reggae group from Naples. It raps both in Italian and in the local Naples dialect. Most of 99 Posse's songs deal with political or social issues,[1] and the group members are considered left-wing hardliners. As a showing of their activism, all of the group's albums have been released with a prezzo politico ("political price"): each CD displays a sticker saying "Don't pay more than...". For 99 Posse, this means "putting into practice a specific understanding about their relationship with the market, a sort of ideal practice." The group has gained popularity in Italy through its songs and its voicing of progressive political causes.

Its first album, Curre Curre Guagliò (1993), was mainly influenced by reggae and world music. Subsequent albums, Cerco Tiempo (1996) and Corto Circuito (1998), included new styles like drum 'n bass and trip hop. Curre Curre Guaglio was self-produced, but rose from its underground status to become an iconic album and cultural manifesto that eventually inspired the film Sud by Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores. The group also has its own record label, Novenove, which works to promote underground artists.

On July 18, 2009 they came back without Meg in Naples, during a concert created by movements against repression and the blocking of 21 activists for G8 in Turin's university.

Band members

Former members



Studio albums

Date of releaseTitleStudioLabelProducerTrack listing
1993Curre curre guagliòAl Flying Recording Studio in NaplesNovenove/BMGSergio Messina
Radio Gladio&99Posse
  1. "Esodo"
  2. "Curre curre guagliò"
  3. "Salario Qawali"
  4. "'O documento"
  5. "Rigurgito antifascista"
  6. "Tuttapposto"
  7. "Rigurgito" (TV version)
  8. "Napolì"
  9. "Nun c' a' facc' chiu"
  10. "Ripetutamente"
  11. "1/2/1992"
  12. "Odio"
  13. "Rappresaglia"
1995Guai a chi ci toccaSplash and Flying Records in NaplesIO
  1. "Scetateve Guagliu" (04:24)
  2. "No Way" (04:57)
  3. "Omaggio a Massimo" (00:49)
  4. "Guai a chi ci tocca" (04:26)
  5. "Il carabiniere di Siviglia" (00:28)
  6. "'A Finanziaria" (05:29)
  7. "Resiste Chiapas" (02:05)
  8. "Sudditi" (05:00)
  9. "Il tempo degli autonomi" (00:59)
  10. "Cildren Ov Babilon" (04:31)
  11. "Sasa" (01:54)
  12. "Hip Hop Serio" (04:48)
  13. "Tu lo chiami dio" (05:59)
1996Cerco tiempoFlying Records in NaplesIOKwanzaa Posse
  1. "Si tuu"
  2. "Non c'è tempo"
  3. "Pecché"
  4. "Senza ritornello"
  5. "Balla e piensa"
  6. "La gatta mammona"
  7. "Fujakkà"
  8. "Facendo la storia"
  9. "Spara"
  10. "Avrei voluto..."
1998Corto circuitoTranseuropa Recording Studio in TurinIO99 Posse e Carlo U. Rossi
  1. "Buongiorno" (05:02)
  2. "Corto circuito" (05:10)
  3. "Me siente?" (04:14)
  4. "Lettera al presidente" (04:29)
  5. "Quello che" (04:12)
  6. "Era na vota" (04:59)
  7. "Vulesse" (05:13)
  8. "Focolaio" (03:48)
  9. "Bon voyage" (05:10)
  10. "Nell'era della confusione semiotica" (04:42)
  11. "Siente 'o funk" (03:26)
  12. "Pagherete caro" (11:59)
2000La vida que vendráFolder Studio in Naples Musica Posse / Self Distribuzione99 Posse e Carlo U. Rossi
  1. "Comincia Adesso"
  2. "Sfumature"
  3. "L'Anguilla" (feat. Speaker Cenzou)
  4. "All'Antimafia" (feat. Papa J)
  5. "Esplosione Imminente"
  6. "Sub"
  7. "Yankee Go Home!"
  8. "Comuntwist"
  9. "Some Say This, Some Say That" (feat. General Levy)
  10. "A Una Donna"
  11. "Canto r' 'o Putatore"
  12. "Povera Vita Mia"
  13. "La Scelta"
  14. "El Pueblo Unido"
2011Cattivi GuagliuniFolder Studio in Naples Musica Posse / Self Distribuzione99 Posse
  1. "University of Secondigliano" (feat. Clementino)
  2. "Canto pe' dispietto" (feat. Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare)
  3. "Cattivi guagliuni"
  4. "La paranza di San Precario" (feat. Speaker Cenzou & Valerio Jovine)
  5. "Italia Spa"
  6. "Vilipendio"
  7. "Yes Weekend"
  8. "Tarantelle pe' campà" (feat. Caparezza)
  9. "Morire tutti i giorni" (feat. Daniele Sepe & Valerio Jovine)
  10. "Antifa 2.0" (feat. Valerio Jovine)
  11. "Resto umano" (feat. Daniele Sepe)
  12. "Confusione totale" (feat. Valerio Jovine)
  13. "Mò basta" (feat. Fuossera)
  14. "Mai più sarò saggio"
  15. "Penso che non me ne andrò" (feat. Speaker Cenzou & Valerio Jovine)

Live Albums

Year Title
1994 Incredibile opposizione tour 94
2001 NA9910º


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