61st (City of Edinburgh) Signal Regiment

61st Signal Regiment was from 1939-67 a communications regiment of the British Army, part of the Royal Signals.

61st Signal Regiment

In 1939 orders were issued for 3rd Anti-Aircraft Divisional Signals TA to be raised in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as part of Anti-Aircraft Command, and in 1940-41 the unit was actively engaged in the German air offensive against Great Britain. In 1940 the Glasgow Company was absorbed into the newly raised 12th AA Divisional Signals, and in 1941 the remainder was converted into a mixed unit. In 1942 AA Command was reorganised and the unit was amalgamated into 6th AA Group (Mixed) Signals, covering Scotland and North East England.

Following demobilisation in 1945 it was reformed in 1947 with two companies in Edinburgh and two in Glasgow. It was known as 13th AA (Mixed) Signal Regiment TA.

In 1955 when AA Command was abolished the regiment was converted into Scottish Command (Mixed) Signal Regiment TA. In 1957 it became 61st Signal Regiment TA and subsequently was allowed to add City of Edinburgh to its title in 1962.

In the reorganisation of the Reserve Army in 1967, it became part of 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment (Volunteers), with responsibility for the provision of mobile communications throughout Scotland in an emergency.

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