38th Ariel Awards

38th Ariel Awards
Date July 22, 1996
Best Picture Sin Remitente
Most awards La Reina de la Noche (6)
Most nominations Mujeres Insumisas (16)

The 38th Ariel Awards ceremony, organized by the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences (AMACC) took place on July 22, 1996, in Mexico City. During the ceremony, AMACC presented the Ariel Award in 25 categories honoring films released in 1995. Sin Remitente received four awards out of 14 nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director for Carlos Carrera. La Reina de la Noche was the most awarded film with six awards; La Línea Paterna and Sobrenatural with three; Dulces Compañías, El Anzuelo and Mujeres Insumisas with two; and Entre Pancho Villa y Una Mujer Desnuda, Domingo Siete, De Tripas, Corazón, and El Abuelo Cheno y Otras Historias with one.[1]

Winners and nominees

Winners are listed first and highlighted with boldface.[1]

Best Actor in a Minor Role
Best Actress in a Minor Role
Best Original Story
Best Screenplay
  • La Línea Paterna José Buil based on his original story
    • Dulces Compañías – Oscar Blancarte based on the plays Un Misterioso Pacto and Bajo el Silencio by Óscar Liera
    • Mujeres Insumisas Alberto Isaac from his original story
    • La Reina de la Noche Paz Alicia Garciadiego based on her original story
    • Sin Remitente – Ignacio Ortíz Cruz and Silvia Pasternac based on the play La Carta de Amor by Paula Markovitch
Best First Feature Film
Best Documentary Feature
  • La Línea Paterna José Buil and Maryse Sistach
    • El Pueblo Mexicano Que Camina – Juan Francisco Urrusti
    • Un Beso a Esta Tierra Daniel Goldberg
Best Best Medium-Length Fiction Film
  • Domingo Siete  Flavio González
Best Live Action Short Film
  • De Tripas, Corazón Antonio Urrutia
    • Félix, Como el Gato – Gilberto Gazcón Fazi
    • Un Pedazo de Noche – Roberto Rochín
Best Documentary Short Subject
Best Original Score
  • Dulces Compañías – Oscar Reynoso
Best Original Music Theme or Song
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Production Design
Best Set Design
  • La Reina de la Noche Ángeles Martínez and Eduardo Corona
    • Mujeres Insumisas – Teresa Pecanins
    • Salón México – Carmen Giménez Cacho and Patricia Nava
    • Sin Remitente – Gloria Carrasco
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
  • (No winner announced)
    • Mujeres Insumisas – Teresa Patterson
    • Salón México – Sergio Espinoza
    • Sobrenatural – Alfredo Tigre Mora and Eduardo Gómez
Best Sound
  • Sobrenatural – Gabriel Romo, Miguel Sandoval and Rogelio Villanueva
    • Dulces Compañías – Miguel Sandoval
    • Salón México – Nerio Barberis and Samuel Larson
    • Sin Remitente – Nerio Barberis and Salvador de la Fuente
    • Sucesos Distantes – Salvador de la Fuente
Best Special Effects

Special awards

Multiple nominations and awards

The following ten films received multiple nominations:

Nominations Film
16 Mujeres Insumisas
14 Sin Remitente
12 La Reina de la Noche
10 Salón México
8 Dulces Compañías
El Anzuelo
6 Entre Pancho Villa y Una Mujer Desnuda
5 Sucesos Distantes
4 La Línea Paterna

Films that received multiple awards:

Awards Film
6 La Reina de la Noche
4 Sin Remitente
3 La Línea Paterna
2 Dulces Compañías
El Anzuelo
Mujeres Insumisas


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