37th SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Lützow

37th SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Lützow

Insignia of the 37th SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Lützow
Active February - May, 1945
Country Nazi Germany Nazi Germany
Allegiance Adolf Hitler
Branch Waffen SS
Type Cavalry
Size Division

37th SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Lützow was a German military unit of World War II. It was formed in February 1945, consisting of remnants of 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer and 22nd SS Volunteer Cavalry Division Maria Theresia, including former's SS Pionier Battalion 8, in addition to mostly 16- or 17-year-old German, Hungarian Volkdeutsche, and ethnic Hungarian recruits. The division was intended to have three cavalry regiments of two battalions each, but due to lack of men and equipment it could only field two understrength regiments as its main combat units.

Initially the division was commanded by SS-Oberführer Waldemar Fegelein, but in March he was replaced by SS-Standartenführer Karl Gesele.

The division saw action against Soviets as a part of 6. SS-Panzerarmee during the final weeks of war, before surrendering to Americans in Austria in May.

It was named after the Prussian Generalmajor Adolf Freiherr von Lützow.


Order of battle


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