2nd Troop of Horse Guards

The 2nd Troop of Horse Guards was originally formed in 1659 for Spanish service as Monck's Life Guards. It was successively renamed 3rd, or The Duke of Albemarle's Troop of Horse Guards (1660), 3rd, or The Lord General's Troop of Horse Guards (1661) and, finally, 2nd, or The Queen's Troop of Horse Guards. It fought at the Battle of Dettingen and, in 1746, absorbed the 4th Troop of Horse Guards. In 1788, it absorbed the 2nd Troop Horse Grenadier Guards and was reorganized to become the 2nd Regiment of Life Guards.

Colonels and names of the 2nd Troop of Horse Guards

from 1746 absorbed 4th Troop of Horse Guards

On 1 July 1751 a royal warrant provided that in future regiments would not be known by their colonels' names, but by their "number or rank"


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