2006 Metro Manila Film Festival

2006 Metro Manila Film Festival
Date December 25, 2006 (2006-12-25) to January 7, 2007 (2007-01-07)
Best Picture Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend Goes On and On and On
Most awards Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo (10)

The 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival was held in Manila, Philippines, from December 25, 2006 to January 7, 2007.

Star Cinema's Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo received the top prizes and went home with the most number of trophies at the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival during its awarding ceremony at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City. The film, which starred real-life couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, won some of the major awards including the Second Best Picture, Best Actress for Santos, Best Director for Jose Javier Reyes, Best Supporting Actress for Gina Pareno, Most Gender-Sensitive Film, and the Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Awards among others. In addition, the film's theme song, "Hawak Kamay" composed and sung by Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer Yeng Constantino, won the Best Original Theme Song. The Best Picture award is received by OctoArts Films and M-Zet Production's third installment of Enteng Kabisote film series entitled Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend Goes On and On and On.

The Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards went to Ligalig's actor, producer, and director Cesar Montano and second-time awardee Johnny Delgado respectively.

Other awardees are Shake, Rattle and Roll 8's Nash Aguas for Best Child Performer, Regal Films' Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di receiving five awards, and CM Films' Ligalig and Violett Films' Tatlong Baraha which received three awards each.[1]


There were originally ten entries in this year's edition of the annual film festival but OctoArts Films' Short Time backed out at the last minute, leaving the field to just nine. As a result of this, the Executive Committee of MMFFP decided to simultaneously show all the entries on December 25 compared to the past years when some of the films are shown one week after.[2]

Title Starring Studio Director
Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend Goes On and On and OnVic Sotto, Kristine Hermosa, Bing Loyzaga, Oyo Boy Sotto, G. Toengi, Jose Manalo, Aiza Seguerra, Antonio Aquitania and Allan K. OctoArts Films and M-Zet Productions Tony Y. Reyes
Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Gina Pareno, Gloria Diaz, Ariel Ureta, AJ PerezStar Cinema Jose Javier Reyes
LigaligCesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz, Celia Rodriguez, Johnny Delgado, Katya Santos, Bayani Agbayani, John Regala, Rebecca Lusterio, Rommel Montano, Alvin Anson, Kalila Aguilos & Gwen GarciCM FilmsCesar Montano
Mano Po 5: Gua Ai DiRichard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, Lorna Tolentino, Gina Alajar, Kamilah Daquigan, Boots Anson-Roa, Christian Bautista Regal FilmsJoel Lamangan
Matakot Ka sa KarmaRica Peralejo, Angelica Panganiban, Gretchen Barretto, Tanya Garcia, Bianca King & Ana Capri Canary Films and OctoArts FilmsJose Javier Reyes
Shake, Rattle and Roll 8 Regal FilmsMike Tuviera, Rahyan Carlos and Topel Lee
Super Noypi John Prats, Sandara Park, Polo Ravales, Katrina Halili, Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, Monsour del Rosario, Aubrey Miles, Karla Estrada, Jao Mapa, Mon Confiado, Allan Paule Regal FilmsQuark Henares
Tatlong BarahaLito Lapid, Mark Lapid, Maynard Lapid, Phoemela Barranda, Girlie Revilla, Jackie Rice, Bearwin Meily & Monsour del RosarioViolett Films Toto Natividad
ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze MoveehPops Fernandez, Rustom Padilla, Alfred Vargas, Pauleen Luna, Chokoleit, Christian Vasquez, Say Alonzo and Zsa Zsa Padilla Regal FilmsJoel Lamangan

Winners and nominees


Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[3]

Judy Ann Santos, Best Actress winner
Cesar Montano, Best Actor winner
Nash Aguas, Best Child Performer winner
Best Picture Best Director
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best Cinematography Best Production Design
Best Child Performer Best Editing
  • Jason Cahapay - Ligalig
Best Original Story Best Screenplay
Best Original Theme Song Best Musical Score
Best Visual Effects Best Make-up Artist
Best Sound Recording Best Float
Most Gender-Sensitive Film
Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Awards

Multiple awards

Films with multiple awards

The following films received one or multiple awards:

Awards Film
10 Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo
5 Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di
3 Ligalig
Tatlong Baraha
2 Shake, Rattle and Roll 8
1 Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend Goes On and On and On

Ceremony Information

"Best Picture" issue

Octoarts Films and M-Zet Production's Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend Goes On and On and On was declared the Best Picture after festival organizers changed the criteria for the award by giving more weight to "commercial appeal". As it was the only prize that the film won, the decision to let the film receive it becomes the subject of yet another controversy at the festival. Movie producer Star Cinema made a protest to the MMDA and wrote to then MMFF chairman Bayani Fernando, claiming that the movie Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo should have won Best Picture because it topped the box office for the first few days.[4][5]

Box Office gross

Entry Gross Ticket Sales
December 25[6] December 27[7] December 28[8] December 29[9] January 2[10] January 4[11][12] January 7[13]
Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo ₱ 12,900,000 ₱ 24,500,000 ₱ 42,300,000 ₱ 50,400,000 ₱ 91,700,000 ₱ 107,496,737 ₱ 139,948,494*
Enteng Kabisote 3: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko: The Legend Goes On and On and On ₱ 21,400,000* ₱ 39,000,000* ₱ 59,400,000* ₱ 67,900,000* ₱ 104,800,000* ₱ 112,456,584* ₱ 128,204,489
Shake, Rattle and Roll 8 ₱ 9,900,000 ₱ 16,600,000 ₱ 24,600,000 ₱ 27,900,000 ₱ 43,700,000 ₱ 46,657,732 ₱ 57,042,995
Matakot Ka sa Karma ₱ 5,000,000 ₱ 7,900,000 ₱ 11,500,000 ₱ 13,000,000 ₱ 18,500,000 ₱ 20,426,950 ₱ 23,636,219
Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di ₱ 1,900,000 ₱ 5,700,000 ₱ 9,700,000 ₱ 11,400,000 ₱ 17,600,000 ₱ 19,431,403 ₱ 22,677,507
Super Noypi ₱ 4,760,000 ₱ 8,000,000 ₱ 10,700,000 ₱ 11,700,000 ₱ 16,200,000 ₱ 17,309,117 ₱ 19,392,153
ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh ₱ 2,900,000 ₱ 5,000,000 ₱ 7,000,000 ₱ 7,700,000 ₱ 9,900,000 ₱ 10,643,358 ₱ 11,675,983
Ligalig ₱ 1,500,000 ₱ 2,500,000 ₱ 3,600,000 ₱ 4,000,000 ₱ 6,000,000 ₱ 6,841,770 ₱ 7,966,760
Tatlong Baraha ₱ 1,300,000 ₱ 2,000,000 ₱ 2,500,000 ₱ 2,700,000 ₱ 3,400,000 ₱ 3,673,623 ₱ 3,961,748
TOTAL ₱ 414,506,348.00


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