2005–06 Serie D

Serie D
Season 2005–06
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The 2005–06 Serie D was the fifty-eightieth edition of the top level Italian non-professional football championship. It represented the fifth tier in the Italian football league system.

List of teams

Girone A

Girone B

Girone C

Girone D

Note: In 2005-06, the Girone D was composed of 20 teams instead of the canonical 18 ones.

Girone E

Girone F

Girone G

Girone H

Girone I

Division winners

All teams promoted to 2006–07 Serie C2

Round Winners
A Varese
B Nuorese
C Boca San Lazzaro
D Rovigo
E Fortis Spoleto [1]
F Val di Sangro [2]
G Cassino
H Paganese [2]
I Sorrento [3]
  1. Dropped because of financial troubles; third-placed Poggibonsi promoted in its place, following renunciation of second-placed team Fortis Juventus to play Serie C2 in 2006–07.
  2. 1 2 Additional team also promoted via playoffs; see below.
  3. Vibonese also promoted by the Football Federation to fill Serie C2 league vacancies.

Promotion playoffs

First round

Single-legged matches played at best placed club home field

Team 1  Score  Team 2
USO Calcio (A) 2-3 Orbassano (A)
Canavese (A) (p)7-5 Borgomanero (A)
Palazzolo (B) 3-0 Fanfulla (B)
Tritium (B) 3-0 Como (B)
Castellarano (C) 3-6(p) Rodengo Saiano (C)
Salò (C) 2-1(aet) Cervia Vodafone (C)
Tamai (D) 1-2 Sanvitese (D)
Sambonifacese (D) 1-0 Bolzano (D)
Fortis Juventus (E) 3-0 Cascina (E)
Poggibonsi (E) 0-1(aet) Forcoli (E)
Celano (F) 2-0 Penne (F)
Maceratese (F) 0-1 Tolentino (F)
Isola Liri (G) 1-0 Guidonia (G)
Ferentino (G) 0-3 Monterotondo (G)
Monopoli (H) 2-1 Brindisi (H)
Sibilla Cuma (H) 1-0 Scafatese (H)
Vibonese (I) 2-1 Sapri (I)
Cosenza (I) (p)6-5 Siracusa (I)

Second round

Single-legged matches played at best placed club home field

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Canavese (A) 1-2(aet) Orbassano (A)
Palazzolo (B) 2-3 Tritium (B)
Salò (C) 3-2 Rodengo Saiano (C)
Sambonifacese (D) 1-0 Sanvitese (D)
Fortis Juventus (E) 1-0 Forcoli (E)
Celano (F) 1-0 Tolentino (F)
Isola Liri (G) 2-3 Monterotondo (G)
Monopoli (H) 1-0 Sibilla Cuma (H)
Vibonese (I) 2-1 Cosenza (I)

Third round (group stage)

Group 1

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
1. Orbassano 6220020+2
2. Fortis Juventus 32101220
3. Salò 0200213-2
Orbassano 10 Fortis Juventus
Fortis Juventus 21 Salò
Salò 01 Orbassano

Group 2

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
1. Monopoli 4211042+2
2. Vibonese 22020330
3. Sambonifacese 1201113-2
Vibonese 22 Monopoli
Sambonifacese 11 Vibonese
Monopoli 20 Sambonifacese

Group 3

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
1. Celano 4211032+1
2. Tritium 32101220
3. Monterotondo 1201112-1
Tritium 12 Celano
Monterotondo 01 Tritium
Celano 11 Monterotondo


Winning teams are automatically promoted to Serie C2

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Orbassano 1-5 Monopoli 0-1 1-4
Celano 1-0 Fortis Juventus 1-0 0-0


Team 1  Score  Team 2
Monopoli 5-2 Celano


Girone A
Girone B
  • Bergamo Cenate
  • Caratese
  • Caravaggio
  • Oggiono
Girone C

Girone D
  • Cologna Veneta
  • Cordignano
  • Manzanese
  • Vallagarina
Girone E
Girone F
  • Frascati
  • Urbino

Girone G
  • Aprilia
  • Montenero
  • Sorianese
  • Spes Mentana
Girone H
  • Ariano Irpino
  • Manduria
  • San Paolo Bari
  • Sologra
  • Nuovo Terzigno
Girone I

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