19 South LaSalle Street

19 South LaSalle Street
Former names Central YMCA (Association Building)
General information
Type Mixed-use
Location Chicago, Illinois
Address 19 S. LaSalle St.
Current tenants Vivid Ascent, et al.
Completed 1893
Owner Cloverfield, Inc.
Height 16 stories
Design and construction
Architecture firm Jenney & Mundie

19 South LaSalle Street, formerly known as the Central YMCA (Association Building), is a building in downtown Chicago, Illinois. It was constructed in 1893 and designed by the architecture firm Jenney & Mundie.


19 South LaSalle Street was constructed as the Central YMCA (Association Building) in 1893,[1][2] and completed shortly before the Panic of 1893.[1] The structure, designed by William LeBaron Jenney and William Bryce Mundie as Jenney & Mundie, was eventually renamed for its address, 19 South LaSalle Street.[3] Modern-day 19 South LaSalle Street is owned by Cloverfield, Inc. and operated by Colonnade Management, Inc. as a mixed-use retail and office building.[4] Law offices and companies such as Vivid Ascent, an integrated marketing firm, and Sprint, which has a retail location in the building, operate out of 19 South LaSalle Street.[5][6][7]


19 South LaSalle Street has been described as one of Jenney's most "uncompromising" facades due to its rectangularity which is only interrupted by horizontal banding at the 11th and 12th stories.[8] Although, the horizontal courses and the building's shifting design are typical of Jenney's work around this time period.[2] 19 South LaSalle is designed in an "L" shape with its more narrow 54 foot facade facing toward LaSalle Street while a longer, more elaborate 187 foot facade faces a small alley known as Arcade Place.[1][8] The building stands 16 stories and was originally topped with a peaked roof which was replaced by an additional three stories.[1] 19 South LaSalle Street was mentioned in the 2004 American Institute of Architects Guide to Chicago.[2]


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