1992 World's Strongest Man

1992 World's Strongest Man
Host city Iceland Reykjavík, Iceland
Winner Netherlands Ted van der Parre
Nations participating 8 (final)
Athletes participating 10 (final)

The 1992 World's Strongest Man was the 15th edition of World's Strongest Man and was won by Ted van der Parre from the Netherlands after finishing fourth the previous year. It was his first title. 1991 winner Magnus Ver Magnusson from Iceland finished second equal with 1989 winner Jamie Reeves from the United Kingdom. The contest was held in Reykjavík, Iceland.[1]

Final results

#[1] Name[1] Nationality[1] Pts[1]
1 Ted van der Parre Netherlands Netherlands 63
2 Magnús Ver Magnússon Iceland Iceland 62
2 Jamie Reeves United Kingdom United Kingdom 62
4 Gerrit Badenhorst  South Africa 57.5
5 Gary Taylor United Kingdom United Kingdom 43.5
6 Henning Thorsen Denmark Denmark 41
7 Gregg Ernst Canada Canada 38
8 Ilkka Nummisto Finland Finland 29
9 James Perry United States United States 25
10 Ilkka Kinnunen Finland Finland 19


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