1896 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

1896 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship
All-Ireland champions
Winning team Tipperary (3rd win)
Captain Mikey Maher
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing team Dublin
Captain Pat Buckley
Provincial champions
Munster Tipperary
Leinster Dublin
Ulster Not Played
Connacht Not Played
Championship statistics
All-Star Team See here

The All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship 1896 was the tenth series of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, Ireland's premier hurling knock-out competition. Tipperary won the championship, beating Dublin 8-14 to 0-4 in the final.[1]

Rule change

At the Gaelic Athletic Association's (GAA) annual congress it was decided to change the value of a goal. From 1892 until 1896 a goal was worth five points, however, the new change resulted in a goal being worth three points.


All-Ireland Championship

Final: (1 match) The two provincial representatives made up the two final teams with the winners being declared All-Ireland champions.


Leinster Senior Hurling Championship

Dublin w.o scr. Offaly

23 May 1897
Dublin 1-8 0-6 Kilkenny

An objection was made and a replay ordered.

27 February 1898
Final replay
Dublin 4-6 0-0 Kilkenny

Munster Senior Hurling Championship

Tipperary 5-1 0-1 Clare

Cork 2-5 1-2 Limerick

Tipperary 1-3 1-3 Cork

Final replay
Tipperary 7-9 2-3 Cork

All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

27 March 1898
Tipperary 8-14 0-4 Dublin
Jones's Road, Dublin
Attendance: c.8,000
Referee: D. Wood (Dublin)

Championship statistics



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