1859 Shamakhi earthquake

1859 Shamakhi earthquake
Date June 11, 1859 (1859-06-11)
Magnitude 5.9[1]
Depth 10 km (6.2 mi)[1]
Epicenter 40°42′N 48°30′E / 40.7°N 48.5°E / 40.7; 48.5[1]
Areas affected Shamakhi, Baku Governorate, Russian Empire
Total damage Moderate
Max. intensity IX (Violent)[1]
Casualties 100 fatalities[1]

The 1859 Shamakhi earthquake struck Shamakhi in the Baku Governorate region of Azerbaijan, which was at the time part of the Russian Empire, on 11 June. The earthquake had an estimated magnitude of 5.9 and caused moderate damage and killed approximately 100 people.

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