15 Minute Musical

15 Minute Musical
Genre Comedy
Running time 15 Minutes
Country  United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station BBC Radio 4
Starring Richie Webb
Dave Lamb
Vicki Pepperdine
Mel Hudson
Alex Lowe
Jess Robinson
Pippa Evans
Written by Richie Webb
David Quantick
Dave Cohen
Produced by Katie Tyrrell
Air dates since October 2004
No. of series 8
No. of episodes 49
Website Radio 4

15 Minute Musical is a comedy series on BBC Radio 4 written by Richie Webb, David Quantick and Dave Cohen. Each episode is in a different musical style with a story featuring current celebrities and politicians. The show won the 2009 Writers' Guild Award for Best Radio Comedy.[1]


The first series aired from October 2004 and featured the following episodes:

  1. Brothers In Arms — A rock musical about Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the 1994 Labour Party leadership race
  2. Jeffrey! — A Gilbert and Sullivan style operetta portraying the rise and fall of Jeffrey Archer
  3. BollyWindsor — A Bollywood romp starring the Royal Family
  4. Calamity Dave — An Oklahoma! pastiche about the life of David Beckham
  5. Horror ToryMichael Howard and Ann Widdecombe plot their next move in Rocky Horror style
  6. The Elton StoryBen Elton sells his soul in an Andrew Lloyd Webber twee-fest

The second series aired from December 2005, featuring:

  1. Blunketto — An Italian opera charting life of David Blunkett
  2. Simon Smug and The Crap FactorySimon Cowell and his fellow judges come a cropper in a Roald Dahl musical scenario
  3. George W Formby Does It AgainGeorge W. Bush tries to save the world armed with his ukulele
  4. Food! — Celebrity chefs enrol in Delia Smith's Fame Academy
  5. Nice Hair — A Sixties love-in with Robert Kilroy-Silk
  6. My Foul-Mouthed LadyMadonna and Guy Ritchie try to change themselves into something they're not

The third series aired from August 2006, featuring:

  1. Manager Mia — A tribute to former England football manager Sven-Göran Eriksson and the songs of ABBA
  2. S.S. MetaphorKate Moss and Pete Doherty star in an unbreakable love affair on an unsinkable ship
  3. Oh! What a Lovely Blair — Field Marshal Corporal Lieutenant General Tony Blair in the trenches
  4. The Court of King Michael of Parkinson — Who will take Michael Parkinson's prog rock chat show throne?
  5. The Blue BrothersDave 'Cocaine' Cameron and Boris 'Bonkers' Johnson are on a mission — to save the Conservative Party orphanage
  6. The Three SmugateersChris Martagnan and friends make the world safe for his p'tit bébé, Pomme

The fourth series aired from September 2007, featuring:

  1. Westminster Side StoryGordon Brown and David Cameron are the two gang leaders with nothing to fight about.
  2. Life on NoelNoel Edmonds wakes up in 2007 and is desperate to return to 1973.
  3. How Do You Stop a Woman Like Camilla?Camilla Parker Bowles leaves the convent to help look after Charles Von Windsor's huge family of two boys.
  4. When You Wish upon a Car — A tornado dumps Jeremy Clarkson under the rainbow in the Land of Oz.
  5. The Princess and the Frog Chorus — A fairytale about young princess Heather (Mills) and not-so-young prince Paul (McCartney).
  6. Around the World in 15 Minutes — in which Tony Phileas Blair takes a bet from Gordon Brown.

The fifth series aired from November 2008, featuring:

  1. Washington High School MusicalBarack Obama and Hillary Clinton compete to be President of Washington High.
  2. Ramsey ToddGordon Ramsay Todd finds a new ingredient that makes his pies the talk of London Town.
  3. We're All Going On An Olympic OdysseyLondon 2012 is fast approaching and the country is relying on Boris Johnson.
  4. Cleggarella — Feeling unloved and unnoticed, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is granted three wishes.
  5. Pappa PiaPiers Morgan discovers that his father is one of three reality show judges.
  6. A Christmas GordonGordon Brown is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

The sixth series[2] aired in December 2010:

  1. Dr BruceBruce Forsyth plays Doctor Who to defend his place in the Saturday night TV schedule
  2. The Lying KingNick Clegg goes into coalition with the Conservatives.
  3. Mary Poppin-up-at-the-last-minute-to-score-the-winner — the coaching style of Fabio Capello
  4. Thoroughly Modern Miliband — the Labour leadership election
  5. Just the Two Tone of Us — about Ant and Dec.
  6. QuadraQueenia — about a year in the life of HM The Queen

The seventh series[3] aired over Christmas 2012:

  1. A Right Royal Cockney Christmas - Upstairs Downton with the Windsors and the Middletons. Plus a spoons solo. First broadcast: 25 Dec 2012
  2. Brian Cox in Brian Elliott, - about a boy who D-reams of being a Scientist. First broadcast: 26 Dec 2012
  3. The Ozfather - The rise and rise of Rupert Murdoch, and how he came to Britain to build a media empire. First broadcast: 27 Dec 2012
  4. The Reducers - Can the coalition cash in by crashing out at the next election? First broadcast: 28 Dec 2012
  5. Licence to Kil...marnock - Special Agent Ond, Alex Salm-Ond, is pitted against old foe Dr No Vote, Alistair Darling. First broadcast: 31 Dec 2012
  6. Barack of Ages - Barack Obama struggles to find the strength to fight for the American presidency. First broadcast: 1 Jan 2013

The eighth series aired over Christmas 2013:

  1. It's A One-Hit-Wonderful Life - Simon Cowell contemplates career suicide until Susan Boyle turns up. First broadcast: 24 Dec 2013
  2. Julian And The Assanging Technicolour Download - the Really Useless story of Julian Assange is Wiki-leaked. First broadcast: 25 Dec 2013
  3. The Last Days Of Farage - the trials and tribulations of Nigel Farage as he struggles to keep Britpop out of the EU. First broadcast: 26 Dec 2013
  4. Heaven Knows I'm Middle-Aged Now - Can Morrissey make a comeback? Can David Bowie and Lady Gaga help? Can Paul McCartney find someone who hasn't heard his Yesterday anecdote yet? First broadcast: 27 Dec 2013
  5. Half A Sixth Form - Michael Gove Steeles himself to teach David Cameron a thing or two about education reform. First broadcast: 30 Dec 2013
  6. Ra Ra It's Putin - A visit to the Funky Federation of Russia as Vladimir Putin finds himself within a non-traditional disco setup. First broadcast 31 Dec 2013

Two Xmas 2015[4] episodes aired over Christmas 2015:

  1. Seven Bribes for Seven Blatters - Sepp Blatter hasn't had the easiest of years, as he faces allegations of corruption. First broadcast: 28 Dec 2015
  2. Jeremy Corbyn Superstar! - Jeremy Corbyn (JC) has gone from backbench obscurity to Leader of the Opposition in the past twelve months, but will his followers betray him?. First broadcast: 31 Dec 2015



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