152 mm howitzer M1909

152 mm howitzer M1909
Type field howitzer
Place of origin  Russian Empire
Service history
Used by  Russian Empire
 Soviet Union
Wars World War I, Russian Civil War
Production history
Designer Schneider et Cie
Barrel length overall: 2.16 m (7 ft 1 in) L/14
bore: 1.9 m (6 ft 3 in) L/13.1

Caliber 152.4 mm (6 in)
Breech interrupted screw
Recoil hydropneumatic
Carriage box trail
Elevation 0° to 41°
Traverse 2°50’

The 152 mm howitzer M1909 (Russian: 152-мм гаубица обр. 1909 г.) was a Russian Empire 152.4 mm (6 inch) howitzer. Developed by the French arms manufacturer Schneider et Cie it saw service throughout World War I.

Initially it was classified as fortress howitzer (Russian: kryepostnaya gaubitsa), compared to the lighter Schneider design, 152 mm howitzer M1910, which was adopted as a field howitzer. However, during World War I it started to be used as a field howitzer as well.[1] It was later developed by the Soviet Union into the 152 mm howitzer M1909/30 which saw service throughout the Great Patriotic War.

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