ʻUluakimata I

ʻUluaki-mata also known as Teleʻa was a Tuʻi Tonga around 1580, and one of the mightiest of them, although rather spiritual than political. Yet he may have been not a native prince but a foreigner from ʻUvea or Fiji who came with his 500 ʻUvean warriors to claim the throne by force. Fact is that since that time a lot of changes began in Tonga, for example the institution of the Tuʻi Tonga Fefine would soon start.

He built the Paepae ʻo Teleʻa (or Paepae o Teleʻa) in Lapaha, where he was buried. A huge kalia (dubblehulled canoe) made in ʻUvea (Wallis), named the Lomipeau (wavecutter) was given to him. He had a few mainwives and hundreds of concubines. Talafaiva was his favourite, but she was seduced one night by either Lolomānaʻia or Lepuhā, during the time they were on holiday on ʻEuakafa in Vavaʻu. Angrily, Teleʻa ordered his servant ʻAuku (or ʻUka) to beat his wife, which the servant did so thoroughly that she died. Very sadly the king never returned to Vavaʻu. Her grave is still on the top of ʻEuakafa.

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