Žarko (nobleman)

Born around 1336[1]
Died before 1371
Title Lord (Gospodin)
Religion Serbian Orthodox Christianity
Spouse(s) Teodora Dejanović
Children Mrkša

Žarko (1336–before 1371) was a 14th-century Serbian nobleman. After the death of Serbian Emperor Dušan the Mighty (r. 1331–1355†), he became a lord of the coasts of the Zeta region, under the succeeding Emperor Uroš the Weak (r. 1355–1371).

Around 1356 he married Teodora Dejanović,[1] the daughter of Dejan Dragaš and Theodora Nemanjić (sister of Dušan and Symeon Siniša). Together, they had a son, Mrkša, in 1363.

He is mentioned in records from 1356, when he raided some traders from Dubrovnik, not far from Sveti Srđ at Lake Skadar. Zeta itself was held by the widow of Dušan, Jelena, who at the time was in Serres where she had her court. The next year, in June, he became a citizen of the Republic of Venice, where he was known as a baron lord of the Serbian King, with holdings in the Zeta region and Bojana of the maritime.

In 1360, Balša I and his sons were mentioned as "lords of Skadar", thus, he may have either lost his position or died.[2] After his death, the widow Teodora remarried with Đurađ Balšić. His son Mrkša married Ruđina Balšić, the daughter of Balša II, in 1396 and held the title of oblast around Valona and Kanina.

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Titles of nobility
New title

Stefan of Dečani
as Prince of Zeta
Gospodin of Lower Zeta (maritime)
Under Uroš the Weak
(Serbian Empire)

fl. 1356/7
Succeeded by
Balša I


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