Ōsakajōkōen Station

Front view of the station

Ōsakajō-kōen Station (大阪城公園駅 Ōsakajō-kōen-eki, lit. "Ōsaka Castle Park") is a railway station on the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) Osaka Loop Line in Jōtō-ku, Osaka, Japan. The station name translates as Osaka Castle Park.


There are two side platforms with two tracks on the ground level.

1  Osaka Loop Line inner track for Kyōbashi and Osaka
2  Osaka Loop Line outer track for Tsuruhashi and Tennōji


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West Japan Railway Company (JR West) Osaka Loop Line
Morinomiya All types Kyōbashi

Coordinates: 34°41′19″N 135°32′04″E / 34.688577°N 135.534478°E / 34.688577; 135.534478

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