Ōkubo Tadazane

In this Japanese name, the family name is Ōkubo.
Ōkubo Tadazane

Ōkubo Tadazane
Born (1782-01-15)January 15, 1782
Edo, Japan
Died April 23, 1837(1837-04-23) (aged 55)
Nationality Japanese
Other names Kaga no kami
Occupation Daimyō of Odawara Domain (1796–1837)
Spouse(s) daughter of Hachisuka Haruaki

Ōkubo Tadazane (大久保 忠真, January 15, 1782 April 4, 1837) was the 7th daimyō of Odawara Domain in Sagami Province, (modern-day Kanagawa Prefecture) in mid-Edo period Japan. His courtesy title was Kaga no Kami.


Tadazane was born in Edo in 1782 (some sources state 1778) as the son of the 6th daimyō of Odawara, Ōkubo Tadaaki. He succeeded to headship of the Ōkubo clan and Odawara Domain upon his father’s death in 1796.

During his tenure, he reformed the domain's faltering finances, particularly through his employment of the scholar Ninomiya Sontoku, who reformed the domain's taxes and encouraged development of agriculture through immigration from other domains. In 1800, Tadazane had his start in the Tokugawa administration as a Sōshaban, or Master of Ceremonies. Four years later, on January 28, 1804, he was appointed to the concurrent position of Jisha-bugyō (Magistrate of Temples and Shrines). On June 25, 1810, he became Osaka Castellan, followed by the post of Kyoto Shoshidai from April 16, 1815. As was usually the case with holders of the latter office, Tadazane became a Rōjū under Shogun Tokugawa Ienari upon the completion of his duties in 1818 (having been recommended by Matsudaira Sadanobu). He died 19 years later, while still holding the office of Rōjū, in 1837. His grave is at the clan temple of Saisho-ji in Setagaya, Tokyo.

Tadazane was married to a daughter of Hachisuka Haruaki, daimyō of Tokushima Domain, but his only son and heir Ōkubu Tadanaga died in 1831. He adopted Tadanaga's son, Tadanao as his heir.


Preceded by
Ōkubo Tadaaki
Daimyō of Odawara
Succeeded by
Ōkubo Tadanao
Preceded by
Sakai Tadayuki
37th Kyoto Shoshidai
Succeeded by
Matsudaira Norihiro
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