Ōe no Masafusa

In this Japanese name, the family name is Ōe.
An image of Ōe no Masafusa drawn in the 19th century, by Kikuchi Yōsai.

Ōe no Masafusa (大江 匡房, 1041-1111) was a famed poet, scholar and tutor[1] under the emperors of Shirakawa, Horikawa, and Toba. Masafusa was most known by his title of "Acting Middle Counselor". In 1060 AD, Masafusa became mainly known for being the author of the famous work: Gōke Shidai. For the ceremonial and public functions in the eleventh century, this became one of the most valuable sources of historic information. During the year of 1111, Masafusa died at the age of 71.

One of his students in the art of war was Minamoto no Yoshiie.[1]

Masafusa authored a number of texts, including:


His paternal great grandparents were Ōe no Masahira (大江匡衡) and Akazome Emon, Masahira himself being a grandson of Ōe no Koretoki (大江維時). Koretoki was a son of Ōe no Chifuru (大江千古) and grandson of Ōe no Otondo. Otondo was a son of Prince Abo, who was a son of Emperor Heizei.[2]


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