Đắk Nông Province

Đắk Nông Province
Tỉnh Đắk Nông

Location of Đắk/Ðắc Nông within Vietnam
Coordinates: 11°59′N 107°42′E / 11.983°N 107.700°E / 11.983; 107.700Coordinates: 11°59′N 107°42′E / 11.983°N 107.700°E / 11.983; 107.700
Country  Vietnam
Region Central Highlands
Capital Gia Nghĩa
  Total 6,515.6 km2 (2,515.7 sq mi)
Population (2014)[1]
  Total 571,300
  Density 88/km2 (230/sq mi)
  Ethnicities Vietnamese, Ê Đê, Nùng, M'Nông, Tày
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Calling code 50
ISO 3166 code VN-72
Website www.daknong.gov.vn

Đắk Nông ( listen), also Ðắc Nông, is a province of Vietnam. It is located in the country's Central Highlands. The provincial capital is Gia Nghĩa.


Đắk Nông borders Đắk Lắk Province in the north, Lâm Đồng Province in the south-east, Bình Phước Province and Cambodia in the west. It is located in the southern part of the Central Highlands, about 500m above sea level. The terrain is lower in the west. Đắk Nông has large fields and lakes in the south. Đắk Nông has three main river systems: Ba River, Serepok River and other small rivers


The average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. The rainy season starts in May and ends in October. The dry season starts in November and ends in April the year after.


Like Đắk Lắk Province, coffee, pepper and rubber are the most important products of Đắk Nông. Đắk Nông is a potential province of tourism. There are many beautiful sites such as Ba Tang Waterfall, Dieu Thanh Waterfall, and Nam Nung pine hill.

Administrative divisions

Đắk Nông is subdivided into 8 district-level sub-divisions:

They are further subdivided into 5 commune-level towns (or townlets), 61 communes, and 5 wards.


Until recently, Đắk Nông was part of the larger Đắk Lắk Province, but is now fully independent. Before 1975, Đắk Nông was part of South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam), and Đắk Nông Province was formerly named Quang Duc Province, but after the 1975 Viet Cong conquest over the South in the Vietnam War, Quang Duc was conjoined with Đắk Lắk Province. For Đắk Nông's history, please see Đắk Lắk Province.


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