Četnické humoresky

The actor Tomáš Töpfer played the character of Karel Arazím, the Senior Sergeant of the station.

Četnické humoresky (Policeman's Humoresques) is a Czech crime television series about a police station in the city of Brno.[1] The story is set in the period of the pre-war First Czechoslovak Republic and combines elements of crime drama and comedy. The stories are based on real case files from that era.

The series was directed by Antonín Moskalyk and later by his daughter Pavlína Moskalyková Solo. One of the goals of the series' creators was to show the life of Czechoslovakia's policemen. The series is not only about the work of the policemen, but focuses also on private lives of the station members. That makes the series popular to the wider audience. The series has 3 seasons and 39 episodes, with running time approximately 90 minutes per episode.


Czech military and police historic Michal Dlouhý. He co-wrote the scenario and gave historical advice.


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