Tora Magnusdatter

Tora Magnusdatter (Þóra Magnúsdóttir) (born ca. 1100) was a daughter of King Magnus III of Norway (Magnus 3 Olavsson Berrføtt).[1]

Tora married an Icelandic man and moved to Iceland. Her husband, Loftur Sæmundsson, was a chieftain and a son of Icelandic priest and scholar Sæmundur fróði Sigfússon. Their son Jón Loftsson was chieftain at Oddi in the county of Rangá in the south part of Iceland. Descendants of Loftur and Tora included Þuríður Sturludóttir (born ca. 1228), who married Hrafn Oddsson (born ca. 1225), a descendant of Sakallagrímur Kveldúlfsson (Skalla-Grímr), the father of skald Egill Skallagrímsson.[2] With the birth of Jón korpur Hrafnsson, the feuding clans of the Fairhair and Skalla-Grímr dynasties were united.


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