Ügyek depicted in the Illuminated Chronicle
Spouse Emese
Issue Álmos
House House of Árpád
Father Ed (?)

Ügyek (second half of the 8th century – first half of the 9th century), also known as Ugek, was – according to the chronicler Anonymus (or "Master P.") – the father of Álmos, the first High Prince of the Magyars. However, according to a conflicting source, Simon of Kéza (writing about five to eight decades later), Előd was the father of Álmos.

The wife of Ügyek was Emese, who had seen a divine dream of a Turul bird that flew over her and impregnated her before Álmos's birth, according to the myth.

It is said, speculated or at least possible that the earlier High Princes of the Magyars were also descendants of the Hun Khans, as well as other Turkic peoples, and through them from some daughters of Emperors of China.

Marriage and child


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