Östermalms IP

Östermalms IP

Östermalms IP in early-January 2007
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Type sports ground
Opened 30 September 1906 (1906-09-30)

Östermalms IP is a sports ground located in the Östermalm district of Stockholm, Sweden. Completed in 1906, the facility played host to several sports during the 1912 Summer Olympics. These sports included equestrian, fencing (including the part for the modern pentathlon), and tennis. It also hosted the exhibition for baseball at those same games. Current tenants is the youth program of football club Djurgårdens IF Fotboll and several lower league teams. The athletic grounds also hosts a speed skating rink during winter.

The ice hockey rink was completed for the 1926–1927 season.[1]


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Coordinates: 59°20′50″N 18°05′01″E / 59.34722°N 18.08361°E / 59.34722; 18.08361

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