Stone within the lookout tower, its left side is in Austria (denoted by the Ö for Österreich), right side is in Hungary (denoted by an M for Magyarország, cannot be seen on photo)

Írott-kő [iːrot.tkøː] (German: Geschriebenstein, German pronunciation: [ ɡəˈʃʀiːbn̩ˌʃtaɪ̯n]) is the highest mountain of the Kőszeg Mountains range, located on the border between Austria and Hungary. Its height is 884 m according to Austrian sources, whereas Hungarian references mostly mention 883 m. It is the highest mountain of Western Hungary (Transdanubia) and of Burgenland.

Its former names were Fenyőhegy and Szálkő. Its present name (Írottkő in Hungarian, Geschriebenstein in German) can be translated as written stone and is assumably derived from border stones with inscriptions between the properties of the Batthyány and Esterházy families. On the summit, there is an observation tower built in 1913. This stands exactly on the border between Austria and Hungary.

Since December 2007 the Austrian–Hungarian border can be crossed without formalities, because Hungary has joined the Schengen Agreement.

Closest towns on the Austrian side are Rechnitz and Lockenhaus. On the Hungarian side the closest municipality is Velem and the closest town is Kőszeg.

Coordinates: 47°21′14″N 16°26′02″E / 47.354°N 16.434°E / 47.354; 16.434

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