Émile Henriot (writer)

Not to be confused with Émile Henriot (chemist).
Émile Henriot
Born (1889-03-03)3 March 1889
Died 14 April 1961(1961-04-14) (aged 72)

Émile Henriot (French: [emil ɑ̃ʁjo]; 3 March 1889 – 14 April 1961) was a French poet, novelist, essayist and literary critic.


A son of the caricaturist Henri Maigrot, known under the pen name Henriot, he fought in the First World War. He first wrote as a journalist for Temps in the inter-war period. He became literary critic for Monde, the heir of Temps on the Liberation of France, and for them coined the term 'nouveau roman' in 1957. He was elected a member of the Académie française in 1946 at the same time as Édouard Le Roy.


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