Élie Hoarau

Élie Hoarau (born July 8, 1938 in Sainte-Suzanne, Réunion)[1] is a French politician and member of the Communist Party of Réunion. He is the husband of Senator Gélita Hoarau.

Hoarau was elected as a member of the National Assembly of France from 1986 to 1987, 1988 to 1993 and from 1997 to 2001.[1] Hoarau served as mayor of Saint-Pierre, Réunion between 1982 and 2001.

He had to resign, after being sentenced on July 6, 2000 to 1 year imprisonment with suspended sentence and 50.000 FRF (7500 €) fine because of Electoral fraud.[2]

Hoarau has served as Secretary General of the Communist Party of Réunion since 1993.[1]

In 2009, Hoarau was elected as a member of the European Parliament for the DOM-TOM constituency in the 2009 European elections.[3] He resigned in December 2011[4] and was substituted by Younous Omarjee.


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