École nationale supérieure d'informatique et de mathématiques appliquées de Grenoble

Type Grande Ecole
Established 1960
President Brigitte Plateau
Location Grenoble, France
Campus suburban
Website ensimag.grenoble-inp.fr

The École nationale supérieure d'informatique et mathématiques appliquées, or Grenoble INP - Ensimag, is a prestigious French Grande École located in Grenoble, France. Ensimag is part of the Institut polytechnique de Grenoble (Grenoble INP). The school is one of the top[1][2][3] French educational institutions and specializes in Computer science, Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications.

Students are admitted to Ensimag competitively following two years of undergraduate studies in classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles. Studies at Ensimag are of three years' duration and lead to the French degree of "Diplôme National d'Ingénieur" (equivalent to a Master’s degree).

Ensimag Graduate specializations

Ensimag’s curriculum offers a variety of compulsory and elective advanced courses, making up specific profiles. Most of the common core courses are taught in the first year and the first semester of the second year, allowing students to acquire the basics in Applied Mathematics and Informatics. Students then choose a graduate specialization.

Financial Engineering

Software and Systems Engineering

Mathematical modeling, Vision, Graphics and Simulation

Embedded systems and software


Ensimag Campus in Winter

International master’s programmes (Courses in English)

Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble Since September 2008, a joint degree programme with Université Joseph Fourier. Highly competitive, two-year graduate program offering training in the areas of:

Website: http://mosig.imag.fr/

Master in Communication Systems Engineering Offered jointly by Ensimag and Politecnico di Torino (Italy) This course aims to train engineers to specialize in the design and management of communication systems, ranging from simple point-to-point transmissions to diversified telecommunications networks. A four-semester course:

Website: http://cse.ensimag.fr

Research at Ensimag

Ensimag students can perform research work as part of their curriculum in second year, as well as a second-year internship and their end of studies project in a research laboratory. 15% of Ensimag graduates choose to pursue a Ph.D.

Junior enterprise: Nsigma

Nsigma was founded on November 17, 1980 as a voluntary association under the name ENSIGMA PROGRAMMATION. This association obtained the label Junior-Entreprise ® in 1981 and managed to renew it every year since then. The Junior enterprise took advantage of the Ensimag reform in 2008 to update its status and title. Currently called Nsigma, it is now an information technology service provider.

Website: http://nsigma.fr/


Coordinates: 45°11′37″N 5°46′06″E / 45.19361°N 5.76833°E / 45.19361; 5.76833

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