Çekerek River

The Çekerek River (Turkish: Çekerek Çayı, ancient Scylax) is a tributary of the Yeşil River in Turkey. It flows for about 270 km (170 mi) in a "southwest-northeast arc". Its source is near Tokat.[1] The confluence with the Yeşil in the northeast is just to the southeast of the village of Kayabaşı.[2]

The ancient Bronze-Age Hittite site of Maşat Höyük, not far from Zile, lies near the banks. It was occupied at least as early as the Middle Kingdom period in 1420-1340 BC, as military reports have been unearthed there.[3]

The Çekerek, Yeşil and Delice rivers provide for a rich agriculture in the region.[4] On the Kümbet Ova plain, the river allows the cultivation of wheat, onions, sugarbeets and other vegetables and fruit.[5]


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Coordinates: 40°33′41″N 35°45′17″E / 40.5614819°N 35.7546186°E / 40.5614819; 35.7546186

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