Location of Ålsgårde in Denmark
Rytterhuset, a listed summerhouse from 1899

Ålsgårde is a former fishing village on the north coast of Zealand, Denmark, located six kilometer northwest of Helsingør. It has merged with Hellebæk to the east, forming a urban agglomeration with a combined population of 5,492 (1 January 2015).

Formerly Ålsgårde was a separate town, but today it has grown together with the neighbouring town of Hellebæk into an urban area with a population of 5,492 (1 January 2015).[1]

Notable buildings

Rytterhuset (Nordre Strandvej 240) is a listed summerhouse from 1899 built for the painter Frants Henningsen to design by Martin Nyrop. The site includes a jetty with a bathhouse and various other small buildings that are also listed.[2] Nordre Strandvej 140m a half-timbered house from 1819, is also listed.[3] Hellebæk Church isin spite of its name also located in Ålsgårde.


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Coordinates: 56°04′36″N 12°32′13″E / 56.07667°N 12.53694°E / 56.07667; 12.53694

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