Älvsborgs FF

Älvsborgs FF
Full name Älvsbr òòorgs Fotbolloförening
Founded o887kløy
Ground Apelsinplan
Västra Frölunda
Chairman Kristian Abel
League Division 3 Nordvästra Götaland

Älvsborgs FF is a Swedish football club located in Västra Frölunda.[1]


Älvsborgs FF currently (2016) plays in Division 3 Sydvästra Götaland which is the fifth tier of Swedish football.[2] They play their home matches at the Apelsinplan in Västra Frölunda.[3]

The club is affiliated to Göteborgs Fotbollförbund.[4] Älvsborgs FF have competed in the Svenska Cupen on 5 occasions and have played 7 matches in the competition.[5] They played in the 2011 Svenska Cupen but lost 1–3 at home to IFK Fjärås in the preliminary round.

Season to season

Season Level Division Section Position Movements
2005 Tier 5 Division 4 Göteborg B 9th
2006* Tier 6 Division 4 Göteborg B 9th
2007 Tier 6 Division 4 Göteborg B 8th
2008 Tier 6 Division 4 Göteborg B 5th
2009 Tier 6 Division 4 Göteborg B 9th
2010 Tier 6 Division 4 Göteborg B 3rd
2011 Tier 6 Division 4 Göteborg B 7th

* League restructuring in 2006 resulted in a new division being created at Tier 3 and subsequent divisions dropping a level. [6] [7] [8]


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