Ángela (telenovela)

Genre Telenovela
Created by Cuauhtémoc Blanco
María del Carmen Peña
Written by Cuauhtémoc Blanco
María del Carmen Peña
Begoña Fernández
Ricardo Fiallega
Directed by Roberto Gómez Fernández
Salvador Sánchez
Starring Angélica Rivera
Juan Soler
Patricia Navidad
José Elías Moreno
Ignacio López Tarso
Theme music composer Kike Santander
Opening theme "Alguna vez" by Cristian Castro
Ending theme "Alguna vez" by Cristian Castro
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 78
Executive producer(s) José Alberto Castro
Producer(s) Fausto Sáinz
Location(s) Filming
Televisa San Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
El Rosario, Veracruz, Mexico
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
Cinematography Roberto Gómez Fernández
Ernesto Arreola
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 41-44 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release 30 November 1998 – 19 March 1999
Preceded by La Mentira
Followed by Tres mujeres

Ángela is a Mexican telenovela produced by José Alberto Castro for Televisa in 1998.[1]

On 30 November 1998, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Ángela weekdays at 5:00pm, replacing La Mentira. The last episode was broadcast on March 19, 1999 with Tres mujeres replacing it the following day.

Angélica Rivera and Juan Soler starred as protagonists, while Patricia Navidad, Joana Benedek and Juan Peláez starred as antagonists. Jacqueline Andere starred as stellar performance. Ana Martín and Harry Geithner starred as special participations.


Angela is a charming and beautiful young school teacher, with a sweet but firm character. Her only living relative is her mother Delia, a sick and embittered woman. On her deathbed, Delia makes Angela swear an oath that she will rise to the top in life, and with her last breath she curses Emilia Santillana, the woman who stole Angela's father away from her.

Upon hearing at last the name that Delia had always refused to reveal, Angela vows, with chilling determination, that she will not rest until she has found this woman and made her pay for ruining her mother's life. Emilia Santillana lives in the city of San Miguel de Allende, where she runs a very successful silver business. She owns a mine and a factory.

One day, Angela arrives at Emilia's company seeking employment. Yolanda Rivas, Emilia's right hand, takes pity on the seemingly sweet and shy young girl and persuades her boss to hire her. Little by little Angela wins her trust. Angela is convinced of her righteousness and uses her beauty and her growing influence within the business to systematically destroy Emilia's world.

Only one person mistrusts her and is not seduced by her apparent innocence. Mariano Bautista, a young engineer who works in a silver mine. Angela tries to ignore her attraction for Mariano, but finally comes to realize that she truly loves him.

And, for the first time in her life, the promise of happiness seems within her reach when Mariano confesses that he too has fallen in love with her. Nevertheless, the oath she swore over her mother's grave binds her to her destiny, and Angela is now powerless to stop the tidal wave of destruction and suffering that she herself has unleashed.


Actor Character Description
Angélica Rivera Ángela Bellati / Ángela Gallardo Bellati de Bautista in love with Mariano, Mariano’s wife, Delia’s daughter, Humberto’s biological daughter, Emilia’s niece, Diana’s cousin/half-sister, Ximena’s former friend, Julian's ex-girlfriend
Juan Soler Mariano Bautista Solórzano in love with Ángela, Ángela’s husband, ex-boyfriend of Catalina and Ximena, Hortensia's and Salvador's son, Rene’s brother
Jacqueline Andere Emilia Santillana Roldán Part owner of the mine and the Santillana’s Company, Humberto’s former wife, Diana’s mother, Delia’s cousin, Ángela’s aunt, Yolanda’s best friend/boss, Esther's and Pedro's friend, Father Martin's and Claudio's love interest
Ignacio López Tarso Don Feliciano Villanueva Ángela’s and Mariano’s boss, Father Martin’s father, hates Emilia and Humberto, Francisca's friend and patient
Juan Peláez Humberto Gallardo Emilia’s former husband, Ángela’s and Diana’s father, Oscar’s former partner and former best friend, Delia, Catalina and Irma's ex-lover, accidentally killed Irma, commits suicide
Patricia Navidad Ximena Chávez Bruno and Mariano’s former girlfriend, Ángela’s former friend, Julian's ex-lover, Lorenza’s daughter, Susana’s sister, accidentally killed Susana in a fight, ends up in jail
Aurora Molina Francisca Osuna Ángela's nanny, Delia and Don Feliciano's friend, housekeeper and caregiver
Ana Bertha Lepe Lorenza Chávez Susana’s and Ximena’s mother, Francisca's, Ángela's, and Delia’s friend
José Elías Moreno Father Martín Villanueva Priest, Feliciano’s son, in love with Emilia, Mariano's and Claudio's friend
Olivia Bucio Yolanda Rivas Emilia’s best friend/assistant, Ángela’s & Francisca’s friend
Ana Martín Delia Bellati Roldán Ángela’s mother, Emilia’s cousin, Humberto's former lover, accidentally killed Pedro, died from asthma attack
Ernesto Godoy Bruno Lizárraga Miranda Oscar’s & Esther’s son, Catalina’s brother, Diana’s boyfriend, Susana’s former love interest, Ximena’s former boyfriend, Mariano's best friend
Rosangela Balbo Esther Miranda Parra de Lizárraga Oscar’s wife Bruno’s and Catalina’s mother, Emilia's friend
Arsenio Campos Oscar Lizárraga Esther’s husband, Bruno’s and Catalina’s father, Humberto’s former partner and former best friend
Joana Benedek Catalina Lizárraga Miranda Oscar’s and Esther’s daughter, Bruno’s sister, Mariano’s ex-girlfriend, Diana's best friend, Humberto's ex-lover, Ángela's enemy died in car accident
Yolanda Ciani Hortensia Solórzano Mateos de Bautista Mariano’s and Rene’s mother, Salvador's former wife, Pedro’s sister, hates Emilia, Diana and Ángela
Luz María Zetina Diana Gallardo Santillana Emilia’s and Humberto’s daughter, Ángela’s cousin/half-sister, Catalina's best friend, Rene’s former girlfriend, Bruno’s girlfriend
José María Yazpik René Bautista Solórzano Hortensia’s and Salvador's son, Mariano’s brother, Diana’s former boyfriend, in love and obsessed with Angela died in accident of mine
Harry Geithner Julián Arizpe Ángela’s former boyfriend, Ximena’s ex-lover
Rossana San Juan Susana Chávez Lorenza’s daughter, Ximena’s sister, Ángela’s friend, killed by Ximena
Eduardo Rivera Emeterio González In love with Clara, Lupita's step-father, employee of mine, Mariano’s assistant and friend
Gerardo Albarrán Claudio Sazueta Emilia's and Yolanda's love interest, Father Martin's and Salvador's friend
Rocio Gallardo Clara García In love with Emeterio, Lupita's mother, Emilia and Diana's housekeeper, Ángela and Francisca's friend
Manuel "Flaco" Ibáñez Don Ramiro
Carlos Bracho Salvador Bautista Mariano's and Rene's father, Hortensia's former husband, Pedro's former brother-in-law, Claudio's friend
Manuel Benitez Teniente Ramos Hates Humberto
René Casados Alfonso Molina El Rosario Politician, Norma's husband and Maria's father
Isaura Espinoza Norma Molina Alfonso's wife, Maria's mother, hates Ángela and Delia
Lolita Rios Guadalupe "Lupita" Garcia Clara's daughter and Emeterio's step-daughter
Natasha Dupeyrón María Molina Alfonso's and Norma's daughter, Ángela's former student
Andrea Riquelme Graciela Emilia's secretary
Fernanda Reto Irma Rodriguez Humberto's former lover, died falling off the balcony
Mónika Sánchez Elena
Vicente Herrera Reynaldo
Marina Marín Director Guadalupe Armenta Director of the school who teaches Ángela
Roberto Porter Simón
Pilar Escalante Teacher Lola
Isaac Castro Luis
Lourdes Jáuregui Delia Bellati Roldán (young) in flashback
Orlando Miguel Pedro Solórzano Mateos Hortensia’s brother, Mariano’s and Rene’s uncle, Delia’s former love interest, Salvador's former brother-in-law, Emilia's friend, died by falling off the stairs

International Broadcasters of Ángela

Country Network(s) Series premiere Series finale Title
 Mexico Canal de las Estrellas
November 30, 1998
March 19, 1999
 United States Univision
May 17, 1999
October 28, 2003 (rerun)
March 15, 2000
May 8, 2001 (rerun)
September 18, 2006
September 9, 1999
February 27, 2004
July 1, 2000
August 24, 2001
January 8, 2007
 Hungary TV2 N/A N/A N/A
 Costa Rica Teletica N/A N/A Ángela
 Peru América N/A N/A Ángela
 Spain Hogar 10 N/A N/A Ángela
 Colombia RCN N/A N/A Ángela
 Ecuador Gama TV
TC Televisión
 Venezuela Venevisión N/A N/A Ángela
 Paraguay Telefuturo
2016 (Upcoming soon)
N/A Ángela
 Greece Alpha TV
2001 (rerun)
 Philippines GMA 7 N/A N/A Ángela
 Dominican Republic Telemicro N/A N/A Ángela
 Argentina Azul TV N/A N/A Ángela
 Romania Acasa TV N/A N/A Angelei
 Slovenia Kanal A N/A N/A Je Angela
 Poland Zone Romantica N/A N/A Angeli


Yadhira Carrillo was originally cast as Angela but replaced by Rivera at the last minute with little explanation causing some cast members to leave the cast in solidarity with Carrillo. Leading man Juan Soler eventually went to star with Yadhira three years later in the successful soap opera, La Otra.


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