Your Turn, Darling

Your Turn, Darling
Directed by Bernard Borderie
Produced by Henri Jaquillard
Written by M.-G. Sauvajon Screenplay
Bernard Borderie Screenplay[1]
Peter Cheyney Source material
Starring Eddie Constantine
Music by Paul Misraki
Cinematography Henri Persin
Edited by Christian Gaudin
Borderie/Euro International[2]
Distributed by Pathé Consortium Cinéma
Running time
Country France, Italy
Language French

À toi de faire... mignonne (Italian: L'agente federale Lemmy Caution), released in the USA as Your Turn, Darling,[3] is a French-Italian film based on the novels of Peter Cheyney.[4] It came out ten years after La môme vert-de-gris which had been the first of film of this series.

For the last time Bernard Borderie directed the popular actor Eddie Constantine in a Lemmy Caution adventure.

Guy Delorme, who in 1961 had been the Comte de Rochefort in Borderie's classic film version of The Three Musketeers, acts another time as a scheming bad guy.


Dr. Whitaker has disappeared after working hard on an innovation which could give either the West or the East an edge in the Cold War. Lemmy Caution, although currently otherwise busy, is assigned to return the scientist.

He is advised to start searching for him by finding in the first place Dr. Whitaker's attractive young fiancée Geraldine.

Of course Lemmy Caution finds the scientist, beats up the villains even while actually being hopelessly outnumbered, puts everything right and gets the girl.



David Deal judges in "The Eurospy Guide" the film was "not an outright spoof", yet he objects director Bernard Borderie sporting slapstick moments ("silly") during the final showdown in a dairy.[5]



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