Introduction to Almonit

This website is a hub for articles, research and projects done by members of Almonit.

Almonit is an internet organization with cypherpunk values, specifically:

  • Decentralization: systems should not be controlled by a small group of persons.
  • Privacy: privacy is a human right.

To pursue those values we use cryptography, distirubted algorithms, blockchains and peer to peer networks.

Almonit sets some basic design principles of projects:

  • No cutting corners: values before convenience.
  • Open services: if a service is being used by an Almonit project, it must be open (to be defined in a later post).
  • Practicality: we focus on projects that can be implemented with the current state-of-technology.

Examples for topics covered by Almonit? serverless websites (Zeronet, ENS+IPFS), decentralized dispute resolution systems, scaling solutions or application of zk-snarks.

Let’s get ithis thing going, and see where it brings us.