Ver workshop, Berlin: infosec, distributed systems, telecom, networks

A week of infosec, telecom, discussion and development of network technologies and distributed systems with GNUnet / secushare and Matrix developers, Chaos Computer Club Berlin and other communities.


Time: 2-9/01/2018

Space: Onionspace, Gottschedstraße 4, Aufgang 4, 13357 Berlin, Germany


It's well known Big Brother has been listening to our phone calls, reading texts and partnering with companies like Amazon or Google for a while now; more and more countries start censoring Internet - it's not just China. Most “secure” communications solutions like Threema or Telegram suffer conceptual issues, like being unsecure-by-default or controlled by single commercial entity.

Decentralized systems - the proposed technical part of the solution - bring forth their own challenges: how do we conveniently identify an entity (considering revocation and squatting), and why do blockchains as innovative as Bitcoin and Ethereum churn through gigawatts of energy while handling miserable tens of transactions per second? What can serve as practical, scalable infrastructure for a decentralized network alternative to current Internet: on physical and channel levels, in terms of routing, etc.? How do we forge convenient XMPP, free Signal, a WhatsApp that can be both used universally and trusted?


During the event we will hack, code, debug and develop - both systems (GNUnet, Tor, Matrix, etc.) and applications based on them, fix UX and write docs. We will also discuss decentralized identity, reputation, consensus and decentralizing internet from physical level to routing to applications: How do we make the Internet less centralized and what can be done to make existing distributed technologies more popular? Why is Tor not enough and how long are we going to continue communicating in plaintext? How do we cook identity, and can we better consensus?

A daily Fahrplan (schedule) will be formed ca. 15/12/2017.


If you'd like to make a measurable contribution to solving some of the described problems through the course of the week, get acquainted with the community - GNUnet, Freifunk, FSFE, CCC, etc. - and return home with the desire to continue hacking, do tell us: via email or (an evil) Google form. You are also welcome to direct any questions about the event to this email address.

And if you'd like to host a self-organized session like a workshop or a talk, submit here.

The hostel (if you need one), agenda and hackspace are on us; logistics on you.

Nice people, pleasant atmosphere and nontrivial problems. Number of seats limited :)

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