Inspirational Characters
Paladin Taggart


NAME: Sir Paladin Taggart Poindexter

BUST: Not my child! WAIST: ♲Recycled♲ HIPS: Yes please

HEIGHT: 5'10" WEIGHT: 200lbs SIGN: Cancer

BIRTH DATE: Unknown BIRTHPLACE: Caucus Mountains

GOALS: To shit on your lawn harder than anybody else. Smoke all of your dope.

TURN-ONS: Licking door knobs

TURN-OFFS: Soup thermoses

CRIMINAL RECORD: 15 counts public defecation, 26 counts possession marijuanna. Wanted for the murder of countless denizens of Hell

FAVORTIE MOVIES: Your mom's sex tapes

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Your mom's Porn Hub account, Veggie tales

FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Ozzy, Back Street Boys, Spice Girls, and Vodka

FAVORITE BOOKS: Satanic rituals for dummies

FAVORITE FOODS: Boiled ice water

SECRET DREAMS: Shitting on your lawn

BIOGRAPHY: The cursed offspring bred from the unholy union between Reverend Jeremiah and Sweet Baby Jesus. No one is sure what his real name is but he was heard screaming "My name is TAGGART you faggart, and dont you ever forget it!" while sodomizing one of his many victims with his rapid fire double barrel shot gun.

The Holy Order of Paladin
 Badge of The Holy Order of Paladin