How to Vote

Presential vote


How do I know where to vote?

Shortly the Government will release the details on the polling stations to be used for the 1st October Referendum.


What are the voting times?

Voting begins at 9 am on the 1st October and continues until 8 pm on the same day, without interruptions, although if there are any voters remaining inside the polling place, they will be allowed to vote.

If there are any interruptions, the closing time will be extended by as long as the voting was interrupted (no longer than one hour).


How do I identify myself to vote?

At the voting place, you may identify yourself by:

  • National Identity Document (DNI)
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence

These documents may have expired, but they must be originals (never a photocopy) with a photograph.


Can someone vote for someone else?

No, in no case can anyone vote for someone else. The vote is personal and non-transferable and may not be delegated.

However, voters who are not able to read or because of a disability are unable to pick up a ballot paper, to choose an option, or to place the paper in a ballot envelope and submit it to the voting point officer, may be accompanied by someone of their confidence to help them with the voting process, from the choice and formalisation of the ballot paper, to hading it to the voting point officer.

Vote by catalan electors residing abroad


What do I need in order to be able to vote if I permanently reside abroad?

If you reside abroad you must be legally entitled to vote and be on the Register of Catalans residing abroad of the Catalan Government.


If I fulfil these requirements, what do I need to do in order to vote?

You will receive a communication from the electoral administration of the Catalan Government allowing you to apply to exercise your right to vote.

Electors choosing to exercise their right to vote will receive information and the relevant documents to be able to vote. These will include a personal identification document of and their ballot paper.


Once I have received the necessary documents, how can I exercise my right to vote?

You will be able to vote only by post, by sending a C4 (A4) envelope to the address provided in the information that you will have received. You will also need to include the personal identification document, a copy of your Spanish ID or passport, and a sealed C5 or C6 envelope containing the ballot paper.


What are the deadlines?

The documents and ballot paper must be received at the address that has been assigned to you by 8 pm on 1st October 2017 (Catalan time).


Problems with the vote of Catalans residing abroad

If you have any problem in the process of voting from abroad please send an email to


Accessible vote for visually impaired


There will be voting papers ready for the visually impaired.

In the absence of these papers, the presiding officer at the voting point will assist the visually impaired with the necessary steps for an impartial vote.

The visually impaired may also be accompanied by someone of their confidence designated by the voter to help them with the voting process, from the choice and formalisation of the ballot paper to submitting the ballot to the voting point officer.