IPFS Weekly 38

by Jenn Turner on 2019-04-16

Welcome to the IPFS Weekly. 👋

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identity. IPFS enables the creation of completely distributed applications. It aims to make the web faster, safer, and more open. Since that’s a pretty large scope, we track development across the ecosystem in this weekly dispatch.

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Here are some of the highlights since the last IPFS Weekly.

The latest

The 2019 IPFS Roadmap

Wondering what comes next for IPFS? Look no further than the newly released 2019 IPFS Roadmap, shared earlier this month. Not only did we create a roadmap, but we also revised and clarified a mission statement and expanded some of the IPFS goals. We are very excited for the rest of 2019. 😊

js-ipfs v0.35.0 RELEASED 🚀

Last week, js-ipfs v0.35.0 was released, adding API changes and recursive DNS link loops, and decreasing approximately half of the bundle size of js-ipfs since v0.33! Read the full blog announcement for all of the details.

Follow IPFS Events on Twitter

Be the first to know about all of the upcoming IPFS events by following the IPFS Events Twitter account. Also, they’ll be posting about IPFS News, so check it out. 😸

Meet Bogdan Habić

Next Monday, Bogdan Habić will be joining the IPFS Weekly Call to talk about IPFS and Tenderly, the first Ethereum Smart Contracts monitoring platform. Bogdan is a software engineer, experienced in building, maintaining and scaling large-scale distributed systems. He is passionate when it comes to enabling his team, sharing knowledge, and the people side of software. Meet Bogdan on Monday, April 22 at 5pm UTC!

IPFS in the wild

Do you follow IPFS on Twitter? For the latest mentions of IPFS in the news, check our Twitter feed or see the latest articles on Awesome IPFS.

Updates and new releases

See the latest releases of IPFS tools and projects across the ecosystem.

Tools and projects we <3

Awesome IPFS is a community maintained and updated list of projects, tools, or pretty much any things related to IPFS that are totally awesome. To see more, or add yours to the list, visit Awesome IPFS on GitHub.

Join us at the first ever IPFS Camp

IPFS Camp is taking place June 27th-30th in beautiful Barcelona. Meet the core developers and contributors to the IPFS project, community leaders, and builders on of the Distributed Web, but only if you register to attend. Registration is open now!

Coming up in the Community

Did you know IPFS has a community forum at discuss.ipfs.io? Sign up to participate in discussions about coding, tutorials, see announcements and learn about upcoming community events.

Thanks for reading ☺️

That’s it for this week’s news on all things IPFS. If we missed something, reply to this email and let us know! That way we can feature you in next week’s edition.