Recapping IPFS in Q1 2019 🎉

by Jenn Turner on 2019-04-10

We’ve put together a very special issue looking back on all that you, the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) community, accomplished so far, in 2019. From milestones like releases, projects like ProtoSchool, to the many new (and awesome) contributors who have joined us, and what’s to come for the rest of this year, we hope you enjoy this quarterly recap.

Thanks for being part of our community, we truly couldn’t make IPFS what is without you. ❤️


As far as shipping goes, yeah we did that.

Introducing ProtoSchool

In January, we announced the ProtoSchool project, aimed at bringing education teaching decentralized web protocols and tools through online tutorials and local chapter events to folks across the web. So far there are SIXTEEN chapters worldwide!

js-ipfs 0.34.0 released

This release of the JavaScript implementation of IPFS has it all: reading Protobuf DAG nodes became super fast, adding content became “blazingly” fast, HAMT support was added to MFS, added IPNS over pubsub and DHT, plus dep upgrades, API changes and more! has implementations and integrations now

Speaking of implementations the official IPFS website received a whole section devoted to both the current implementations (JavaScript and Go), plus some cool integrations, like our browser companion.

Announcing the 1st ever 🌌 IPFS Camp

We hope you join us for a three day hacker retreat for the builders of the Distributed Web that will happen between June 27th to 30th, also known as the first ever IPFS Camp! Register now to join us.

🎉go-ipfs 0.4.19 arrived🎉

The Go implementation of IPFS also got some love this quarter, with a new release in March. Version 0.4.19 includes NEW features like file listing and initializing with random ports, reliabilility and perf improvements, plus a pretty significant refactor of CoreAPI.

The ✨new✨ IPFS Desktop

Springtime also saw a new release of the IPFS Desktop, which, in case you missed it, is the menubar app that allows you to access IPFS straight from the desktop instead of having to deal with that command line business. Check it out!

Remember these IPFS videos?

What better way to catch up on Q1 than by the videos that have helped the community learn more about IPFS? Here’s what was shared so far:

Q1 by the names and numbers

All told 104 contributors produced approximately 2,152 commits across 133 repositories in the IPFS project so far this year. Thanks to the following folks for helping make this such an amazing start to the year. 👏

@0xf77 @achingbrain @agentofuser @aknudsl @alanshaw @AlbertoElias @alekswn @alexander255 @anacrolix @andrew @aphelionz @arhuman @aschmahmann @autonome @bpot @BunnyPowah @burdakovd @chenminjian @cwaring @cwchristerw @daviddias @dirkmc @djdv @drew-512 @eingenito @Elexy @emceeaich @emmnx @ericronne @filips123 @fooock @frrist @fsdiogo @Gozala @grassias @GriffinMB @hacdias @HamedSepehr @hannahhoward @hdriqi @hinshun @hsanjuan @hugomrdias @ianopolous @Isan-Rivkin @jacobhuen @jamiew @jbenet @jimpick @jmank88 @Jorropo @joshfraser @Kcchouette @kevina @kishansagathiya @koalalorenzo @Kubuxu @kyledrake @lanzafame @lgierth @lidel @magik6k @manandbytes @MattSkala @mcollina @meehow @meiqimichelle @michaelavila @mikeal @momack2 @Mr0grog @multikatt @NeoTeo @niinpatel @obo20 @olizilla @optman @overbool @parkan @PedroMiguelSS @pgte @pkafei @postables @raulk @renrutnnej @RestitutorOrbis @rgardaphe @roignpar @rvagg @sameer @satazor @schomatis @scout @Stebalien @svallebro @terichadbourne @vasco-santos @victorb @vmx @wgxli @whyrusleeping @zachferland @ZenGround0 @zquestz

Please help us in welcoming these new contributors 👋

IPFS wouldn’t be the same without your help! We’re so grateful to have you onboard. Thank you.

@0xf77 @agentofuser @aknudsl @AlbertoElias @alekswn @andrew @arhuman @aschmahmann @autonome @bpot @BunnyPowah @burdakovd @cwaring @cwchristerw @drew-512 @emceeaich @emmnx @ericronne @filips123 @fooock @frrist @Gozala @grassias @GriffinMB @HamedSepehr @hdriqi @Isan-Rivkin @jimpick @jmank88 @Jorropo @joshfraser @MattSkala @meehow @multikatt @niinpatel @obo20 @optman @RestitutorOrbis @rgardaphe @roignpar @rvagg @scout @svallebro @wgxli @zachferland @zquestz

Contributors by the numbers

Here are the 10 contributors who touched the most repos in the project so far:

1) @Kubuxu …63
2) @Stebalien …50
3) @hsanjuan …23
4) @alanshaw …15
5) @magik6k …13
6) @daviddias …12
7) @hugomrdias …10
8) @lidel …9
9) @jacobheun/ @olizilla/ @achingbrain/ @whyrusleeping …8
10) @andrew/ @schomatis …7

Once again, thanks for all of your hard work and contributions in Q1. Keep up the great job!

Coming up in 2019

In case you missed it, we recently presented The 2019 IPFS Roadmap, which introduces a brand new mission statement, as well as 16 goals for the project. Discover those goals plus the 2019 Epics (what does that mean?) in Achievement Unlocked: The 2019 IPFS Roadmap!

We would also be remiss if we didn’t share that ENS + IPFS are coming to the Brave browser! Very exciting stuff for the start of 2019.

Thanks for reading ☺️

That’s it for this special edition of the IPFS Weekly. If we missed something, reply to this email and let us know! Next week we’ll return with all the news that’s happened across the ecosystem since the last weekly.

If this is your first time reading the IPFS Weekly, you can learn more or get involved by checking out the project on GitHub, or joining us on IRC.

See you next week! 👋