2018 Q4 London Hack Week Summary

by David Dias on 2019-01-24

Back in October last year, the Go Core Dev Team for the IPFS, IPLD and libp2p projects spent some quality time together in London for a Hack Week. The overall feeling was excitment as it was the first time that many of the core contributors got the chance to meet in person.

Together, we explored our goals for the projects, along with the users needs and who is pushing for them. It was a great gathering and we wanted to make sure to share the results and the recordings with you.

The week format was really interesting and one that could almost go into the Async Team Management books (as a way to create sync time for distributed teams). A simplified overview of what happened is:

In the end we ran a retrospective and asked “When is the next one! 😄”

Results from SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT 🗿

This is an IPFS Community favorite. A moment to report back all the great successes from the week! We do this report in lighting talk format. Full playlist. Talks list:

IPFS London Meetup - Show & Tell

The fun would not be complete without an IPFS London Meetup. There were great talks and a surprise show-and-tell by Juan Benet himself, who demo’d a p2p chess game, built on peer-base while meetup was happening!


A post with the recorings will be published soon. Meanwhile, you can see the photos and join the IPFS London meet up here https://www.meetup.com/london-ipfs/photos/29361158/

Thank you to @858Heather, @jamiejn, @angiemaguire, @olizilla and @alanshaw for helping us putting this amazing hack week and IPFS London Meetup!

This is it, it was a great success! Thank you all that joined and I’m sorry for those who couldn’t come this time. See you all on the next Hack Week!!

I bid you all a good day!

David Dias