2019 IPFS Camp Recap

by David Dias on 2019-07-08

Greetings InterPlanetary Community!

The InterPlanetary Space Training Camp is over and now that we are all back to Earth, I have the joy of sharing the news and learnings with you.

If you aren’t familiar with the InterPlanetary Space Training Camp (IPFS Camp for short), it was a 3 day Hacker retreat for the Builders of the DWeb. Attendees travelled through a space portal to get to the Space Training Station in another Galaxy (Star coordinates yet undisclosed). Throughout the Camp, attendees had the chance to participate in:

👩🏽‍🏫 Core & Elective Courses

Specialized and focused trainings on building for the DWeb.

Catch up on all the recordings and materials at 📼 👩🏽‍🏫 https://github.com/ipfs/camp#-core–elective-courses

📃 Poster Projects

Collaborate in Groups to understand, explain and present how multiple parts of the DWeb Stack work

Catch up on all the recordings & notes at 📼 📒 https://github.com/ipfs/camp#-poster-projects

🐋 Deep Dives

Form small teams to understand, research and come up with solutions to one of the many open problems

Catch up on all the recordings & notes at 📼 📒 https://github.com/ipfs/camp#-deep-dives

⚡️ Lightning Talks - Learn what is the latest from multiple projects in the IPFS ecosystem

Catch up on all the recordings at 📼 https://github.com/ipfs/camp#%EF%B8%8F-lightning-talks

🧬 Sci-Fi Fair

Get blown away by huge Sci-Fi experiments, soon to be seen in a Network close to you

Catch up on all the interviews at 📼 https://github.com/ipfs/camp#-sci-fi-fair

🧩 Unconf

Gather folks around shared topics of interest and discuss collaborations.

Catch up on all the artefacts at 📒 https://github.com/ipfs/camp#-unconf

IPFS Camp Success is defined by the number of friendships, conversations, collaborations and new projects that get started.

And it was a blast. Here is a quick video recap as a souvenir for everyone that was there, and a postcard for everyone that didn’t get a chance this time around:

However, the IPFS Camp spirit doesn’t stop here, now it is all about continuing the dialog that got started and taking all the learnings and materials to local IPFS Communities, showing and teaching more folks how to build on the P2P Web. All the content produced can be found in the IPFS Camp Repo – http://github.com/ipfs/camp. We will be posting all the recordings soon as well.

Last, but definitely not the least, a huge THANK YOU ❤️ to everyone that contributed to the event. IPFS Camp wouldn’t be possible if it werent for:

On behalf of the whole IPFS Project, thank you all for being part of this project and community, such an ambitious goal couldn’t be achieved without all your energy, passion and dedication to make it happen. Onwards!

David Dias & The IPFS Team

Extra: As a closing gift, here are some random interesting facts about Camp: