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Purchasing the first “Foundation House”– Debt-Free Housing Experiment is Starting!

We are purchasing the first apartment building to be a “Foundation House” in San Francisco!  (More details on the building).  This is a form of Endowment for non-profits in the form of usable housing and real estate investment rather than … Continue reading

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Non-Financial Endowments for Public-Benefit Organizations?

I would like to help the Internet Archive thrive for very long time.    An endowment is one tool, but financial endowments have some issues, so what about exploring non-cash endowments?   Non-financial endowments, if done correctly, appears to create longer term … Continue reading

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Summary of the Debt-Free Housing for Public Benefit Workers Idea, and Responses to Critiques

Summary: (for full idea and footnotes, please see http://brewster.kahle.org/2012/01/19/debt-free-housing-for-public-benefit-workers-2/ ) With a long-term mindset, we can cost-effectively and permanently decrease the rent on apartments 75% for the people that work in public-benefit non-profit organizations.   This can improve social services by … Continue reading

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Debt-Free Housing for Public-Benefit Workers

Brewster Kahle January 9, 2012 On archive.org. The largest single expense for the staff of the Internet Archive is housing, as this paper will show the majority of the cost of housing goes to debt service (either directly through mortgage, … Continue reading

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Debt-free Housing for Public-Benefit Workers

A growing number of non-profit organizations are appearing to solve all sorts of public benefit missions from health, education, assistance for the less fortunate.  Those that decide to work in these non-profit organizations often forgo  some of the financial rewards … Continue reading

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Can the Home Mortgage Deduction Help our Public Benefit Housing System?

The idea of our Public Benefit Housing system is to have a apartment blocks bought by non-profit organizations which take out mortgage on the property which it then pays off and never refinances.   Then the units are rented and some … Continue reading

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